Fluffspeak vs Fuzzspeak (by Pushka)

The main difference between fluffspeak and fuzzspeak is the presence of more Y’s in fuzzspeak.

Fluffspeak: Fwuffy wub 'ou bewy much!
Fuzzspeak: Fuzzy yub you bewy much!

While fluffies pronounce all L’s as W’s, fuzzies pronounce them as either W’s or Y’s depending on the stress and placement in the word.

For example, “yellow” is pronounced as “yewow” in both fluffspeak and fuzzspeak.
But whereas “little” is pronounced as “wittwe” in fluffspeak, it’s pronounced “yittwe” in fuzzspeak.

Another difference is the fact that fuzzies always pronounce their K’s, unlike fluffies.

Fluffspeak: “Otay, Mummeh!”
Fuzzspeak: “Okay, Mama!”

In this example, another difference can also be seen. In fuzzspeak, the words for “Mom” and “Dad” start out as “Mama” and “Dada” (or “Papa” for those sold in most other countries) and then progresses to “Mommy” and “Daddy” as the fluffy gets older (in other countries such as Russia, it stays as “Mama” and “Papa”). This is more similar to how children speak.

Another difference is the endings of some words. While fluffspeak uses the suffix “sie”, fuzzspeak uses the suffix “ie”.

Fluffspeak: “Fwuffy heaw big wordsies!”
Fuzzspeak: “Fuzzy heaw big wordies!”

The only exception to this difference is words like “eye”, which it is not possible to pronounce using “ie” instead of “sie”.

Another difference in terminology is how fuzzies say “I am”/“This is”. Whereas fluffies use “am” for everything, fuzzies are the opposite and use “is” for everything.

Fluffspeak: “Fwuffy am weady!”
Fuzzspeak: “Fuzzy is weady!”

Yet another difference in terminology is that while fluffies typically say “poopies” for feces, fuzzies always say “poopoo” for it (and “peepee” for urine). This is also more similar to how children speak.

Fluffspeak: “Fwuffy make big poopies!”
Fuzzspeak: “Fuzzy make big poopoo!”

Another terminology difference is that while fluffies often say “huwties” for injury (although they do say “owwies” as well), fuzzies only say “owwies” or “ouchies”. Fuzzies also have singular forms of these terms, whereas fluffies do not. This is again more similar to how children speak.

Fluffspeak: “Fwuffy hab huwties!”
Fuzzspeak: “Fuzzy has owwie!”

Fuzzspeak also has a few other words that fluffspeak does not.
One example of this is the word “yucky”. In fluffspeak, the terms “bad”, “poopie”, and/or “nu [verb] pwetty” are used for this concept.

Fluffspeak: “Deez nummies nu taste pwetty!”
Fuzzspeak: “Deez yummies taste yucky!”


Note: Fluffspeak itself has a few minor subdialects.
Some fluffies will say “'ou” instead of “you” while others will not (meanwhile fuzzies always pronounce the “y”); and some fluffies say “s’getties”, “s’getti”, or “getti” instead of “sketties”.

I haven’t heard nearly anything about fuzzy ponies except old Cleveland stuff I’ve looked up.

This is some hella deep fluffy lore.

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Thanks! Although my fuzzies don’t have anything to do with the Cleveland ones besides the name. ^^

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Rupert Murdoch is going to sue the shit out of you… /s

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I appreciate this attempt to explore a different take on fluffspeak, especially for a fluffy derivative.

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