Fluffsplosion Induction <BigBaldIdiot>



Thats funny

But slightly Inaccurate, Pregnant mare can only involuntarily go into a Fluff-splosion if it is already in labor, if the mare gets distressed during the birthing process, in which the mare’s heart goes into overdrive, and the large amount of blood being added to such a small vessel makes the muscles in the Fluffy’s body start to expand rapidly, until the distressed soon-mummah bursts, into a shower of gore and fur, leaving the foals that were still in the uterus on the ground in a nest made of what was their mama, making the Fluffy Shit itself while pregnant will not do this, though while deficating the mare could accidentally pop a fetus out as well.

I don’t like to put a lot of “this only happens” clauses on these fictional creations.

usually you stop using that phrase after seeing any of Micron’s works