Flufftober 21'-08: Old Magic Trick Limit by bunnybunnyhops

Stuck and industry

I am not happy with how this turned out. My orginal that was a pillowing machine, however i wanted to stay in my universe (pillows aren’t popular enough for it) and it became a fluffy stuck to a log at a saw mill.


Ooh, the classic sawmill death, very nice.

Edit: “Do you expect me to tawk?”
“No Mr. fluffy, I expect you to die!”


Hm. What do you think about trying to draw from a bit of a different angle? I know that you aren’t used to it, but new angles could help to reach new heights in your art. We don’t mind if proportions become awkward for a while.

I gotta admit, my brain insisted that this fluffy was hanging upside down, and couldn’t make sense of the scene. Once I read the description I immediately saw it. This isn’t a criticism, it was my fault I couldn’t figure it out, but perhaps a slight tilt or angle would make it obvious even to people like m

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Yeah, it was exactly the same for me. That’s why I made the suggestion.

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I did try different angles this was the best one out of all of them. The proportions were the least of my worries. The one for tomorrow is a lot better and more cursed. A lot more cursed for some.


Oh boy, cursed. I love cursed!


In fairness, the sawmill death scene really needs three dimensions to work properly, to show the movement, sense of scale, and whatnot. Your only mistake I can see is choosing an exceptionally ambitious scene to depict. And even then, as I said, once I knew what I was looking at, it made perfect sense. Looking forward to the ‘cursed’ pic!

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