Flufftober 21'-14: No Such Thing by bunnybunnyhops

Sudden Darkness and Promises

I’ll let you decide what happened next.


I get how it feels. I remember being scared of the darkness at the end of the hall as a kid. It took courage to go to the toilet in the night.


I had the “I don’t believe in nightlights” parents. My mind did make things into monsters, but I only complained to my older sister. Who naturally told me to go to sleep. I in turn went Freddy Kruger everytime we heard a scrapping sound.

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Oh this is good stuff. Reminds me of kibblesn’tits epic Mills storyline–at one point Mills’ owner painted glow in the dark monsters on the walls of the ‘safe’ room, they weren’t visible with the lights on, but when he turned the lights off…

The entire storyline is classic. This one has real potential too–are the monsters real? Is the owner messing with the fluffy? I’m excited to find out.

One thing that just occurred to me–fluffies normally sleep on the floor or in a doggie bed type thing. Which means they don’t get to experience the joy of having monsters under the bed.

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Owner is a monster and those are their buddies.

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I used to be only able to sleep with the door cracked and the hallway light on. Now I have to sleep in pitch black darkness with no sounds lol.

You can do it punky!!!

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