Flufftober 21'-16: True Monster by bunnybunnyhops

Facing Fears and Feast


Man that is one mess up stallion keep blaming everything to the foal and wanted to turn into an enfie foal what bastard! welp, he ended up as meal now :smiling_imp:


Still nice art but that’s making no sense if the baby isn’t a cannibal fluff.

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Good thing she is then. Take a closer look at her eyes on the fifth panel.


Yeah are swirli eyes a sign for cannibal gene.
I thought you only can see it from there teeth?


Jacked up teeth is another sign of a cannibal but swirly eyes are the main sign since you see them more the their teeth.


Thanks for the answers and the knowledge😁


So…I assume the gray writing is daddeh, the yellow/amber writing is babbeh, and the mint colored writing is mummah.

Could you please explain what REALLY happened here? As in, why is the babbeh thought of as bad by the dad, why did the mom die, etc stuff not shown in the comic

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The dad think she’s bad because she’s a cannibal. She has the smell. Plus she’s the only surviving foal. The rest were stillborn. Humans followed her peeping. They got away while The human’s destroyed their home.

The mom killed while looking for food for her. Because she’s a cannibal, naturally she needs a high protein diet and fruit and vegetables give her tummy owwies. Though, she does eat them and controls her desire to eat her fellow fluffies. Up until she had enough of course.

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I assume based on the fact neither of her parents are cannibal fluffs, it must be a recessive gene she inherited maybe from a great grandparent.

Also, I hope that when she ate her bad daddeh, she started with the face or speciaw wumps. He deserves pain before forever sleepies