Flufftober '21 - 29 (by Booperino)

Day 29 of flufftober

The idea of jellens is too silly for me, so here’s the (weirdbox) booperverse explanation for them :stuck_out_tongue: as for regular booperverse they are just an internet urban legend


Too silly for you? What is this sorcery?


I mean i can accept tiny horses, and i can accept tinier horses that raspberry instead of feeling pain, but its beyond my paygrade the idea of amorphous red blobs who are not even fluffy ponys anymore lmao


I don’t care for the idea of Jellenheimers either, just too strange for me to exist even in my fake headcanon world beyond just urban legends.

Fake Jellens on the otherhand are a hilarious idea though.



They are (mostly) a pop culture thing in my universe. Yeah, Jolly exist, but they used for dark humor and weirdbox. And because the prompts call for one.

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Part me of thinks there are jellens in every breed/variety.

Which is why boopcos on the lookout because they want samples of the imfamous boopco jellen that they dont have a sample of yet.

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Silly? They’re the coolest thing ever! 0w0


Jellenheimers are an omen. If one shows up, something will happen. Once it does, they vanish.


In my headcanon, whenever a jellenheimer appears, a random taco truck will explode

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…decided to create them using Boopco™ Munchkins as basis!

Top 10 worst decisions in history.

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well you can chose a jellen that goes huuhuu and wan die 24/7 or a jellen that goes pbbbbbblt 25/8, its a pick your poison really

Boopco™ Munchkins are honestly terrifying. I can’t feel bad for them because they can’t feel pain, but still.

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Jellenheimers are a fluffy myth. Ever notice how few red fluffies there are? Most fluffies have never seen a red fluffy, and it freaks them out. Hell, a fluffy probably saw an Elmo toy once and thought it was a “monsta”.

And sometimes fluffies disappear mysteriously–to fluffies, anyway–so the fluffies say the “wed ones” got 'em. It’s like the monster under the bed, for fluffies.

Certainly no human has ever seen a real jellenheimer. Fakes, sure, those exist, but real ones? Those are just fluffy imagination.

At least, that’s what the jellenheimers want you to believe.


the elmo doll theory is hilarious lol


CEO of floofco has a new idea

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they are meant to be 100% biotoys in their absurdity so even abusers would feel unconfortable with all the “yaaaays” they would receive from random abuse lol

ceo booperino like

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One of those talking Elmo dolls looks just enough like a mutated fluffy to work.

In all seriousness, though, the jellenheimers don’t work as actual characters, and generally weren’t used as characters on the 'booru. They are a mystery, an enigma, and an in-joke. The key element of jellens that so many newer fans don’t get is that they never do anything. They don’t eat fluffies, they don’t talk, they just stare with those black eyes. And smile. They always smile.

They appear and disappear mysteriously, and sometimes fluffies go missing at the same time. What happens to the fluffies? Who knows?

Used sparingly, and in the original booru fashion, the jellenheimers are an amusing and vaguely creepy addendum to fluffy lore, and imo that’s how it should be.


yeah it works better like that tbh

And of course they are totally optional. Though there was a hilarious Christmas comic where some dude is threatening a feral mare and her foals, and the foals start chanting “kwampus kwampus kwampus”, until a giant jellenheimer in a Santa suit appears behind the guy to do something unspeakable to him.

That is totally canon.