Flufftober '21 Day 7: Sea Fluffies (by bee)

For sea fluffies I decided to draw Gilbert. Gilbert was the recipient of a minor habitat upgrade when his guardian discovered he could not sleep in a fish bowl. Fella still seems pretty lonely.


Giiiiiillllllbertt! <3 <3 <3


A good example of the inherent inferiority of sea fluffies. The most amazing thing about fluffies is how much you can interact with them due to their sentience and ability to talk. There are way less ways to enjoy that if you have to keep it water.


Sea fluffies can talk–IIRC Gilbert politely requested a bigger habitat in the previous comic.

They don’t have to stay in the water, though they are somewhat awkward on land. Think seals, not dolphins. (There are truly aquatic fluffies, but they are rarer and not generally kept as pets.)


Gilbert is the first time I’ve seen a genuinely interesting sea fluffy. Normally they’re just a decent novelty like Wolfram’s versions but Gilbert is fantastic.

Probably on par with the fluffy amputee being brought to the pool and being forced to sit in the kiddy water with the other amputees instead of swimming like it’d dreamed of.

I’m jus personally not into shit/piss. If he’d dumped an ashtray in Gilbert’s tank instead then it’d easily take the sea fluffy crown for me.


Sure, they are as “smart” and verbal as a regular fluffy (in most interpretations). I more meant you can’t enjoy that as much if the fluffy is aquatic since they can’t run around and interact with their surroundings.

You could put them in a larger volume of water to play, but they won’t ever be able to move freely in the same environment as you. Even pillows can be carried around or left wherever you want for long periods of time.


Also, I just have to ask, and I understand if you’d rather not answer, but how long does something like this take to produce? All your content is very well drawn and you’re easily one of my favorite artists visually but your sea fluffies in particular are incredible.

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What’s Eating Gilbert Seafluffy?


Seals spend hours out of the water sunning themselves, the lazy bastards. Same thing with walruses.

Seafluffies wouldn’t have to stay in their tank all the time, you could play with them and what not. Essentially they have stricter requirements for their safe room, that’s about it.

Oh, I suppose damp might be an issue, but nothing some towels wouldn’t fix.


God damn it this sting. Poor thinf…

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In my head cannon, a sea fluffy two part play room has a submerged water tank for owner viewing plus a rubberized drainage “beach” at the top where they can “sun” themselves and play on rubber “rocks” that are soft like foam in a child’s playground. The rocks are higher up than your normal land-based fluffies which works great for the pudgy, cellulite-protected body of a sea fluff that is more seal in design. Just watch out when breeding season hits and they get aggressive over rocks used as perches and shiny objects.*

*No, little seal fluff! The rock is not your high ground, no one wants to breed with you. Go play like a “normal” fluff.


Oh do I feel the heart hurties

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I was thinking something like that too
A sea fluffy safe room would be part in door swimming pool.
sea fluffies are probably pretty high maintenance and expensive pets.
Something to show off like massive aquariums tend to be.

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So the owner gave into the entitled and arrogant demands for a large tank AND a stuffy friend AND a sunning bed… only for Gilbert to remain a sullen little shit? Guess the ol’ pissbucket challenge isn’t enough sometimes

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*grabs the defibrillator"


So, they are like turtles, or Sea Cows?

I hope he gets his bwuddah an sissy someday