flufftobuh 2021 #06 (By: NekuChan)

What can be a worst curse in the fluffie world than born as a poopie alicorn, and born the only one like that. Inevitable shit life eating shit, not even worth it kill because someone has to clean.


Ouch, the feels. The black eye is a great additional touch.


Poor thing makes my heart hurt. :disappointed_relieved:


:sob: you poor thing :cry:


BTW, I do appreciate the explanation for new folks :slight_smile:


Stupid fluffy logic, the nice purple highlights ain’t even “good enough”. Those shades of brown and purple are actually a really good combo, but ya can’t count on shallow fluffy parents to appreciate color schemes. :triumph:


Y’know, looking back on it I guess it’s a good thing I took in Rosa when I did…If I didn’t then this could have been Arabica’s fate.

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Uuuuuuhhh you little shoko muffin, I would take you if I could

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That is an impressively miserable fluffy.


Welp. I’d adopt it. That black eye looks like it might be infected though.

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Poop alicorn. No better way to tug the strings of bleeding hearts than this

Well… Ill adopt it… As a PET! Not as a tool or weapon this time… Got a new kitten who’d use company.

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well, doesn’t look like can fight after all xD so it’s better if it stays as a pet :3

MAYBE, if given A feeding tube on it, an IV bag filled with a mixture of Saline and various nutrients and vitamins, and for a week put it on a sort of porrage diet, till it can handle kibble, followed by very low dosage of steroid to build up its muscle mass, also calcium treatment to strengthen its bones… Yeah, simple TLC would make a fluffy better.

Trying to think if it’s worse to be monochrome in this situation (all one brown) or clashing (non brown mane/tail etc) like with pinks etc.

I fucking hate mares so much.

The worst combination possible

double hated by fluffies, not worth breeding to rescue.

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Poor baby. :heart:

oh my god poor baby, can i pick them up? i’d love to take care of em!

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