Fluffy Behavior (Maldoror)


Yeah, unfortunately, there’s still that nagging problem of whether the babies are ‘good babbehs’. If it’s a ‘poopie babbeh’, who knows if they’d actually go that far. Definitely depends though, especially the ones that are denied babies or are spayed. They tend to make do.

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Never really liked the hell-gremlin idea of poopie babbehs: in my headcanon, fluffies really are docile creatures that are incapable of even willingly neglecting their foals. They may do so out of stupidity, but not out of actual drive. I don’t generally like the idea of mares designated a “bad babbeh”, although the idea of them having a bestest babbeh is more plausible to me.


Hah, just like Dinkies!

You could create absolute anarchy by placing a mother next to like three babies and a daughter.

While I don’t like that it happens, considering it’s fairly common, I just imagine the reasons why are kind of complicated. Ultimately, my view is to try and educate it out, or breed it out. Even for me, ‘bestest babbehs’ are as problematic. Because the doting and neglect that result are no better.

It makes sense from the perspective that some are evolving, some being modified, some are still produced with heavy programming and strong genetic uniformity, and third party companies.

If companies other than Hasbio exist then Hasbio gets to be the Umbrella Corporation where leadership and almost all employees are evil, their products are terrible, and their business model makes no sense.


Easiest explanation is simply that the fluffy pony as it currently exists was either not necessarily intended to make it to market in the state they currently exist (a little more in line with the “PETA lets them loose from a lab” origin) or they couldn’t stamp out certain instincts like an aversion to runts for whatever reason, probably either due to incompetence or simply not caring enough, IMHO.


Oh, yeah. I’m of the same opinion. The product was ultimately a bodge, and not ready at all. Now people are left with what came out of the lab. But I do think that like with people, fluffies are still individuals and they vary.

I’ve noticed that works which treat Fluffies less as robots and more as being basically born children will explain many things as a culture. Mill Fluffies run on pure programming, survivalist Herds actually survive and learn things like stockpiles and making burrows, introduction of a Hellgremlin will cause a generation of Bestest, rapists, and neglect.

I do like the idea that Litterpals are sold in some places by disreputable shops, and Poopies being forced to eat and live in shit comes from runaway domestics who had one or who passed on that behavior to others.

There is a tendency to Hellgremlin in some, some Mummahs want to Bestest and Wowstest, some will always try to be a Smarty. But those who learn those traits are far more extreme, and the inclination can be forced out of them.

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I like it :slight_smile:

Our best dog, ever, would adopt and mother our cat’s kittens. It was very cute and very sweet. Moreover? No fighting between her and the cats. I kind of wonder if the same would happen here?

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Wouldn’t the baby dance after it was happy, ie not before it learned it was being accepted?

I know i’m overthinking it, but i feel the illustration would be better shown in a more brutalist approach, like someone dropping off a box titled " reject foals" into a pen of older looking mares, all rushing to help the new babbies.


This is exactly what classic fluffy canon is all about, and exactly the all-loving mentality that makes sense for these hug-happy biotoys. And in the harsh world outside comfy homes, this desire to stick together and help other fluffies in need is the single greatest survival strategy fluffies have. :blush:


Alright, Imma start following your ass mister. Good job.

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As fas as I think, it is just a bug they did not have time to get rid of. Because it is absolutly unneceserry as bussiness politic. If we accept that Hasbro never mentioned them to reproduce outside their facilities so as to make them unfertile, this whole babe caste system is simply just stupid.

No-worker will be interested in what fluffy mummah think on her babbeh at all.

Plus, Hasbio is The king of genetic engineering, if they had wanted they would have got rid of poopie color gen, but I won’t eat this no-sellable-color excuse. I think they diliberetly left brown color, because there are people who want that.