Fluffy Biology: Anthro-Fluffies (by FluffyLandCityCouncil)

For Anthros … just make sure they are fluffy-like for integrities sake. They are not fluffies anymore if they are not as pathetic (in a good/bad way)

12: Integrity of fluffies and their subspecies - This is first and foremost a forum about fluffies, and those who decide to make different or anthropomorphic versions of fluffies should be mindful of that. Antho fluffies or other fluffy subspecies should be recognizable as fluffies via their appearance and behavioral patterns that are attributed to fluffies. Failure to do so will result in unlisting the post in question from public view.

A copy/paste from the site rules.

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they are sexual being proxies, just like xxl fluffies. embrace their nature and don’t try to whitewash it.

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Perfect Spouse

  • divide between man and woman, already great due to modern conditions,
  • can cook, clean, wash, maintain, etc,
  • ⅓ of men had never had sex in their lives, almost half had never approached a woman in their lives
  • only really craved sex because they were having none of it, and after they started getting it on a regular basis, it quickly lost its appeal and meaning
  • Any comments calling me an incel will be ignored

Okay, youi’re not an incel. But you have an incel’s wish list. To be fair, it could also be ascribed to the Trad-Wife seekers and there’s a big fat venn diagram overlap on those two groups.
The “only craving sex because they’re not having it” makes me saddest of all. Cause in my experience, when you’re “getting it on a regular basis” it certainly does not lose its appeal and meaning. It becomes even more meaningful inside a relationship - monumental. Foundational. The “enh, I don’t care about it anymore” attitude would be true about gooning but absolutely not true about sex.

Anthro fluffies have no appeal as story characters to me because they are sex androids who do housework. With tails. Where’s the fun in that ? WHere’s the potential for hubris, pathos, tragedy, redemption, revenge, loneliness, despair, triumph, when what you’ve got is basically a “perfect” (in a certain definition) being ? Let me guess, they’re also loyal, nurturing, not completely hopeless intellectually but not smart enough to be a “threat,” and great news, they hardly poop at all. About the only flaw they have as ungulates they would leave foot fetishists out in the cold. how’s a hoof hand gonna cup the balls and work the shaft, then do the dishes ?

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I have plenty of ideas in my head for stories, but i find that i need to really want to write them to get a good result i’m happy with. My other story, What Hell Looks Like, which was posted on reddit before i found the community website, came out good because i wanted to write it, whereas Hate Begets Hate came out feeling rushed. I already have a scetch of a story for an anthro character and will devote my attention to it for the time being so i feel satisfied with it before posting

  1. They had no connection to the anthro, since they only saw them as sex toys. They did not derive meaning from it because, to them, it was the same as fucking a flashlight. Once they started building real relationships with them, sex became meaningful again

  2. It’s the same as fluffies. They were meant to fulfill a role as a product, but can definitly grow beyond their programming. I neglected that part because i focused on the impact anthros had on society as a whole, forgeting about individual anthros as characters

  3. Only their feet are hooved

I will also be remaking this post to be more focused on non-sexual things and more on anthros as potential characters

Haha. I own my shit, you are 100% correct but at the end of the day they are characters first and their whole thing is shaped by fluffies. They are an off shoot of fluffies and while smarter they have their own set of flaws and problems that make them somewhat interesting.

This guy just did worlds builders disease 101. If he would have just lead with a story, even if it sucked ass it would have been better received then this kinda aimless rant.

I’m not even gonna give you shade on the concept. Concept is what it is.

Show your audience why your idea is awesome. Make a story, draw a picture, incorporate the baseline normal fluffies into it.

Ideas are nice but they aren’t the same as content. This place has guidelines on what makes good content. Work within those guidelines and show why your idea is awesome. This current laundry list is gonna have folks go : Too long ; didn’t read.

I had a few thoughts about fluffy-anthros and how they’d fit in.
While the fluffy pony was made as a toy, the fluffy anthro could be made as a tool.

They would make “perfect” workers, as I’d see them as suitable candidates for work that is either undesirable, unprofitable or too dangerous for humans to do.

For example: A vein of cobalt is found, however the cost of extracting it the regular way is prohibitive. Regular way meaning human labor with salary, OSHA regulations etc and the investment of heavy machinery.

However, a one time investment of anthro laborers supplemented with replacements as required. If turnover rate is kept acceptable with regards to cash flow from ore extraction, it’d be profitable.

Opening up business opportunities where profits can be made where before there were none due to safety regulations, labor welfare or rights.

It’d be the second second industrial revolution.

I had a similar idea. I should have the story and remade biology entry done by the weekend, and i’m definitly gonna use this. Also welcome back from your 2 years of silence

I think we’re pretty reasonable when it comes to people creating stories that diverge from the most commonly agreed upon elements of fluffy pony “canon.” We encourage people to create freely without worrying about whether or not their own headcanon is directly in sync with this generally agreed upon canon, but this just crosses a line. It’s very similar to when people try to make perfected fluffies that have no flaws. Making stronger and smarter fluffies (with less poopies, lol) just misses the point of fluffies and why they’re so appealing.

The creatures you described are seriously creepy and would most likely have a lot more push back from the general public than fluffy ponies ever would. I don’t think people realize how sickening seeing a non-stylized fluffy would be in real life. Trying to imagine an “anthro-fluffy” is even worse. These things would either resemble fully grown sapient humans or be more akin to the aforementioned problematic “perfected” fluffies. Either way, they’d be going against the ethos of what fluffies are, and that makes me feel like they do not really belong here.