Fluffy Biology: Anthro-Fluffies (by FluffyLandCityCouncil)

Can we make Anthro-Fluffies more than just fap material? Can we actually use them as a means to drive a narrative? And explore headcanon reasons for their existence? I say yes
Any comments calling me an incel will be ignored

Anthro-Fluffies were created by Hasbio to cash in on the market of lonely young men and women (but mostly men) that can’t find a romantic partner. For some reason, PETA did not cause them to be released early. Indeed, declassified video footage shows PETA members leaving Hasbio HQ with anthros in hand, as if they were allowed in and out…
Since Hasbio wasn’t interrupted in this project, anthros lack many of the flaws normal fluffies have

Integumentary System: Very similar to normal fluffies, but with much shorter fluff. Their skin and fluff are soft and warm (and sensitive) to the touch. They possess manes akin to normal human hair, and have equine-like tails. Said tails tend to swash and swirl according to their emotions. They also smell like strawberries due to modified endocrine system

Muscular System: Anthros have muscular densities similar to human women (regardless of gender) and maintain high levels of intramuscular fat, making them incredibly soft and squishy, perfect for hugs. They are also rather… curvy, and… meaty

Skeletal System: Bone mineral density similar to human women. Tendons and ligaments are made from bioengineered elastin, making anthros highly flexible by nature. They are also the only bipedal ungulates on Earth

Cardiovascular/Respiratory Systems: Similar to humans. Unlike normal fluffies, anthros don’t suffer heart attacks if too scared, and have good stamina for… reasons

Digestive System: The exact opposite of fluffies, as it is engineered to produce very little waste, meaning they rarely go to the bathroom. They also don’t have food allergies

Immune System: Anthroes possess a robust immune system, meaning they are not disease carriers like fluffies. Their immune system is unique in that it can pass immunities to future offspring, essentially intergenerational vaccination. Most come out of the factory pre vaccinated

Reproductive System: As humans, but engineered to make the… coitus, more pleasurable to both parties. Anthro mares are conscious ovulators, meaning they can only get pregnant if they want to, a feature not seen elsewhere in nature. Interbreeding with humans is possible, but the offspring will always be an anthro litter, for anthro pregnancy, or single progeny, in human pregnancy

Nervous System: Engrams and programming adapted for house life. Anthros can cook, clean, wash, maintain, etc, and can be taught new skills easier then fluffies

Hasbio came up with the idea of making anthros after realizing young men and women were in the middle of a loneliness epidemic. ⅓ of men had never had sex in their lives, almost half had never approached a woman in their lives, and most reported feelings of loneliness. Of course, management only heard the first part

The first prototypes were built for debauchery, having enormous libido and sex drive, constantly acting needy for ‘special hugs’. These were successful with the beta testers, but eventually, they lost interest. Most testers, almost all man, only really craved sex because they were having none of it, and after they started getting it on a regular basis, it quickly lost its appeal and meaning

As the project was about to be scrapped, one test result managed to revive it. In one of their sessions, tester [redacted] kept evading prototype Q-T 13’s advances. After a while, [redacted] told 13 what he really wanted was someone to talk to. Thinking this was a kink or a form of roleplay, 13 sat at his side, and listened. The anthro project was revived, and took a new direction. Instead of buying a living sex toy, one would buy a perfect spouse

This new direction caused many to quit the project. It made them realize that they traded friendship, love, their very soul, to make money working for a faceless corporation. Suddenly, all those times they decided to “cut costs” came back to haunt them. But many also chose to remain, they never had a soul to trade, anyways. The new direction also focused exclusively on mares, as about 99% of test subjects were straight man

The final result was a complete disaster. Not economically of course, the new ‘Perfect Spouse’ line of biotoys sold like crazy. It was a social disaster. The divide between man and woman, already great due to modern conditions, became greater than ever. Men simply had no reason to pursue for marriage purposes when they could buy someone who could fulfill that role. Social cohesion started decreasing at an alarming rate, even as the new regime cemented itself in the place of the old US government

By 2047, a few months before world war 3 started, children born outside of laboratories, as in, not grown in an artificial womb, were the overwhelming minority

I …

Why did you begin with “can we make them more than fap material” and then solely list traits specially engineered to make them better fap material …?

Sensitive to the touch, flexible, soft and feminine even if they’re guys (rip whoever wants a manly man I guess), smelling of strawberries…? I thought this was going to go into anything other than just them being ridiculously fap-material-y, but what else is anyone meant to create using this info …?




All answered in the addendum. The idea was using the original premise of anthros being cringe fap bait, and giving an in universe explenation for that. While they make good sexual partners, their main in universe purpouse is being romantic partners, but i can only do so much with that while explaining biology, hance why i added the addendum, which i don’t do with other biology posts

Can we make Anthros more than just fap material
Makes them just fap material



No offence my dude you did just make it cringe fap bait in the end. At least embrace it

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I’m not denying it, being thirst bait is still part of the core, just not all there is to it


I’m not sure “they made such awesome flawless sex toys that they had to branch out into being perfect waifus too” really… makes them less fap baity… in fact it makes them more fap baity. And things like making their skin/fur extra sensitive, or making them smell like strawberries, or making them get pregnant only at will, are most definitely only cornering them further into having no purpose beyond fap bait…

I mean if you wanna make a super horny headcanon then okay I guess, but when you put the opening line as “can they be more than that??” I just honestly did not expect the answer to be “no”.


I don’t see it man, but I have seen a lot of shitty self insert borderline porn harem manga defended with that excuse .
You have to have some proof beyond a world building list, give us a story using your world building instead of serving it up in listicle format

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Dude, did you read the addendum? No offense, but you seem to be purpously leaving out parts of what was written to make your position more reasonable. Anthros exist because there were entire masses of young man who couldn’t get sex. Then, when they realised what they really wanted was not just sex, but an actual partner. That’s why anthros are how they are, and why they broke society. That’s why i put the cyberpunk tag, isn’t there anything more dystopic then man CHOSING to BUY an artificial girlfriend instead of finding a human one? Sorry if that wasn’t clear by the writing, but don’t say i “just wrote fap material” if you didn’t understand

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A fluffy’s inherent flaws are a big part of what they are, whenever people remove those flaws they inevitably make something that just isn’t really a fluffy and doesn’t really interest anyone


That’s the point, anthros weren’t made to be like fluffies, and they were actually finished. My other biology posts have fluffies with all their flaws

And my point is it’s been done to death.

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  • incredibly soft and squishy
  • perfect for hugs
  • rarely go to the bathroom
  • don’t have food allergies
  • adapted for house life
  • robust immune system
  • smell like strawberries

… damn, forget about spouses; as long as they can’t go pedo, I think I just solved my daycare problem :glee:

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I did read the addendum, yes, but the addendum was that the anthros shifted into being romantic partners instead of sexual ones, and that they did such a good job at it people stopped interacting with other humans so that almost all humans afterward were test tube babies.

The problem is that this change only shifts them over to “perfect waifu”, which is still a type of fap bait; a sexy lady lover that would make you pancakes in bed and stuff who you can walk in on in the kitchen wearing only an apron and hug and caress while she cooks. Very common horny art topic. As for the biology of the anthros, there’s never any mention of them having any kind of personalities or physical traits unrelated to sexual or emotional intimacy. So they aren’t given any space to be anything outside of “sex doll” or “best waifu”, and if you think they are, then please explain what other things they’re meant to be able to be.

Or that, haha.


Exactly. They’re sex doll waifus that can maybe be called ‘fluffies’ by vague cosmetic similarities alone, and even that’s a stretch


THAT is exactly why we use the oven to cook brunch bacon in our house ~

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Whatever you want them to be. The higher bone/muscle density and humanoid form allows them to do much more then normal fluffies can, so they can do pretty much whatever, it’s just that their orignal purpouse was being the perfect spouse, like how fluffies were to be the perfect pet. All sorts of scenarios can be made, maybe an abendoned anthro who has to find a living, maybe one who inherited a house from their husband and now tries to live the single life, maybe one becomes a ‘smarty’ and leads a criminal gang, etc. Just like fluffies can do lots of stuff that goes against their programming, so can anthros. AND, you are right, i should have made that clearer in the addendum

Or you could make stories out of all those outlines,. You told Squeaky;

Whatever you want them to be

But what do YOU want them to be, you have all these headcanon lists but only one story to go along with them. A lot of would be writers fall into the world building trap where they make all this lore but have little if anything to go with it before inevitably getting bored because nobody wants to use their lore like it’s pre made Unreal assets. I don’t want to see another creator fall into this, write your world building for yourself and use it as an outline/rules for your work but don’t treat it like it’s the thing we’re coming here for, give the readers here some credit we’re not THAT stupid (most of us), we can figure things out and ask questions you don’t have to spell everything out my dude. Have some faith in us and yourself and give us a story

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