Fluffy Biology: Plant Fluffies (FluffyLandCityCouncil)

This is an overview of plant fluffy biology in my headcanon. This is my first post outside of reddit, you can see my other posts under u/StealthGamerBr8

Plant Fluffies (Phyto-Fluffies if you’re a nerd) were Hasbio’s attempt to enter the gardening market. After the previous two successful invasion attempts from terrorist organization PETA, Hasbio HQ installed acoustic metamaterial sound detectors and infrared lasers. Not a single insect could enter the buildings without someone knowing. Even that did not stop PETA

Due to the large number of Plant Fluffy sub-types, their variants will occupy their own section

Integumentary System: The fluff of plant fluffies, unlike their purely animal counterparts, is mainly cellulose, like cotton. Their skin possesses chloroplasts, making all plant fluffies green beneath their fluff. Stems will only start growing once the fluffy has buried themselves

Muscular System: Plant fluffies have lean, white muscle as they are not built for constant movement. Their back legs will grow into roots as they remain stationary in the hole they dig for this purpose

Skeletal System: Bones combine normal mineralized tissue and cellulose compounds, making them stronger and lighter

Cardiovascular System: Plant fluffies don’t have a central heart, instead circulating blood via muscle built into the blood vessels. Blood contains Chlorophyll, aiding in photosynthesis

Respiratory System: Lungs are modified to suck air through all pores, increasing oxygen absorption

Digestive System: Plant fluffies gain most of their nutrients from the soil or soil substitute (think aquaponics and aeroponics). They can, however, consume low amounts of solid food, though said food must be rich in nitrogen

Nervous System: As other fluffies, with modified instincts and engramatic memory. Plant fluffies are much more patient than other fluffies, being able to remain alone for up to a year without consequences

Reproductive System: Plant fluffies reproduce asexually, growing seed buds once a year. These seeds can be planted to grow other plant fluffies, who will slowly form into ‘babbehs’ as they get closer to the surface

Plant Fluffy Types:

  1. Fruit: Fruit plant fluffies grow fruits from their body, like berries and grapes. Some even grow miniature versions of larger fruits like apples and oranges
  2. Veggie: Veggie plant fluffies grow various vegetables, anything from lettuce to potatoes
  3. Cereal: Cereal plant fluffies grow grains, like wheat and corn. Some can even sometimes spawn the so called Bread Fluffy
  4. Flower: Flower plant fluffies grow flowers, sometimes carnivorous ones. Keep micros and foals away for safety in such case
  5. Herbal: Herbal plant fluffies grow a variety of herbs, from aromatic to medicinal
  6. Milk Fruit: Thanks to genetic material provided by a mysterious benefactor, plant fluffies have a small chance to grow so called Milk Fruits. Warning: Milk Fruit plant fluffies tend to become aggressive if overfed upon

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How does photosynthesis work with fluff in the way? Do they have leaves or other naked bits?

Fluff also contains Chloroplasts, alowing photosynthesis to happen. Other nutrients are obtained via the roots

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Is it a rule or something?

Would I be enforcing it if it wasn’t?

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I take it that means the fluff is alive, complete with a microscopic vascular system. No nerves, though, else shaving plant fluffs would be outrageously hilarious.

Just asking

Need nerves to move muscles, none in the fluff though. Taking produce only hurts if it isn’t mature

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