Fluffy Breeder - Time Poll

A few folks have asked about moving Fluffy Breeder from a week-per-turn to a day-per-turn system. This has some pros and cons so I felt like tossing up a poll.

Week Per Turn
Pros: Faster breeding. Faster development. Less dead time.
Cons: Action limits per turn feel odd. Hard to do any kind of bulk play/training/abuse options.

Day per Turn
Pros: Can easily do bulk interactions. Can spend more time interactions. Get to see them grow/develop.

Cons: More downtime/dead time/click to next turn over and over. Will take much longer to wait on breeding/growth.

In short, weekly turns make the game progress faster, Daily will slow it down - but I don’t have much content to fill that extra time.

  • Week by Week
  • Day by Day

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Could you add a toggle to switch between time modes? Maybe I don’t want to wait while a mare is pregnant, so I shift the game to weekly mode. Then go back to daily when the foals are born.

Also, maybe add a way to speed up or slow down maturity rates and pregnancy? There are a lot of stories where fluffies matures much faster than the game does.

A default feeding mode would be nice. I put pregnant mares on high-quality foods to lessen their stress levels and reduce stillbirths. When the foals are weened, they go to the same set level of food as the mother. I’d prefer them to go to basic kibble instead and only go up in food quality if they are valuable.


Keep it week by week; breeding & foaling would be utterly infuriating otherwise.

Maybe you could inject crises like pregnancy complications, foal rejection, or illnesses for fluffies that you could manage across several days, but otherwise the general scope should remain week by week. And crises should not appear every week.

But again, this is entirely up to your judgment and vision as a game maker. I’m loving it so far.


Kind of sounds like a civ game tbh. I haven’t gotten around to play your updated version of the game yet, but it’s ultimately your decision. I do agree with Fuzztoy, having a toggle for it would give the best of both worlds.


Hmm. Not sure how that would work with action limits. But if I re-balance that around day-to-day turns then it should be doable. Have to ponder that.

mmm. In theory, yeah, but I calculated prices based around how long it would take to rear a fluffy so I’d have to figure a way to recalculate pricing based on that.

Double but, I’ve already rejiggered the pricing a few times so I’m not exactly on the original scale.

Triple but the prices are not super balanced right now anyway.

So all buts considered I should be able to add another starting option to set that at a game start.

Makes sense. I just got a framework in for an options/setting menu, so that would be a good addition.

That’s my big concern with a daily turn system, TBH.

I’m a bit torn at the moment. I do want to see more development (of the fluffies) and I think if it’s going week to week, you’d get to see foals growing up more easily, for example. But at the same time, you’re missing out on nuance. As you said, you’re not at the point where you can fill a lot of that in, so I have to go with week for now. Not really sure what I can add suggestion wise. Perhaps some sort of tier system where you get events and things which happen outside of the weekly to-do list. That and/or more action points.

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I’d say week for now until there is actually enough content to make day turns worthwhile.