Fluffy Breeder version 00.01.75-Alpha (by Eidalac)

(actually 1.77 but I’m not going to redo the Github links to correct that)

Encyclopedia Update

In game Encyclopedia is now working, has information on most pages, settings and such.
has a general game play guide but is not completed.

Added an option in the initial store step to pick a name for fluffies to call you by.
Defaults to one of several fluffy words.

Renamed Strong to Strength.

Bulk selection for feeding/selling in fluffy list.

Various UI updates.
Updated UI for most pages to match color style guide.

Made the debug options (Display Variables and Bug report) visible in
normal play mode

Added a note on the first page to highlight there is a sidebar (which is
closed by default on mobile)

Updated stamina cost for generating new fluffies.

Discord: Discord

Github: GitHub - eidalac/FluffyBreeder: Fluffy breeding game

Current Build: Release Encyclopedia Update · eidalac/FluffyBreeder · GitHub

HTML Link: Fluffy Breeder

Bugfix pushed, should fix an indexing error causing bugs in bulk actions.

More bug fixes pushed for bulk actions.


so you know the poopy baby treatment thing thats says make it easier or make it harder does that work yet or no


i don’t think it works yet.

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No, that’s not implemented yet.



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Hopefully I’ll have that working next week, but as hectic as life has been this week I may get derailed for a bit.

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There’s a hilarious quirk with the stillbirth event. If only one baby comes out and is stillborn the mare will still say ‘Mummah Wuv Babies’ even though there are no babies.



That’s a bit of a place holder, just to show the mother didn’t get a fertility loss. Didn’t think of that scenario, but that would need to be moved to a better spot in the future anyway.


I think I found some bugs or smth. I play with Cheat Start sometimes and when I manipulate the color genes to white or black it turns into chocolate and medium violet red respectively and I’m playing the latest build. Idk what’s going on I just think it’s a little strange. Another one is when a mare gives birth the foals are just clones of the mare’s name with a string of numbers. And once they’re weaned they immediately get pregnant??? It’s also weird


Make sure you are getting the “W/W” gene on the end. If that’s not W/W (for black) or w/w (for white) it’ll fall back to the normal colors for those genes (chocolate and medium violet). Those are the only colors affected by the WW genes and I haven’t updated the notes for the gene lab since I added those.

So probably just missing that. If that’s not it let me know.

Yes, that’s just a place holder system ATM, so you can at least tell them apart to some degree. I want to get a rule/name list system in the future so you don’t have to manually name every fluffy if you dont’ want to.

The foals or the mother? So long as she has a ‘special friend’ they automatically breed as soon as she’s finished weening all her foals - but it should trigger on the next week and have a (short) message about them having special hugs.

if the FOALS are getting knocked up then that is something going VERY wrong.

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Yes, it’s the foals getting pregnant and the second I discovered it I was just ;-;

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Ok, that is… odd. I’ll look into it.

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