Fluffy breeding in Hasbio and mating cycle

OK, so the general consensus for the origin of fluffies is that Hasbio created them and bred them. The original set of fluffies were the breeders who would give birth to the foals that would be raised to be pets. The foals would be neutered, with only a few gathered to be future breeders. The reason why female fluffies are ready to be pregnant again and give birth after a short gestation period is to produce fluffy foals at a quick rate to answer demands. However, as PETA released all the fluffies, including the breeders, we now have a lot of fluffies in the wild as well as in petshops. I think that if they perfected fluffies, the non-breeding fluffies in their mills would have a set mating cycle like all typical animals. Hell, maybe the ones that are marketed would have a set amount of foals and there would be no birth defects. But since they were born from the breeding fluffies, they have the same quick pregnancy and rapid birthrate, hence easy to have a huge population in a short time.


I doubt Hasbio would’ve sold Fluffies as breedable. For one thing Fluffies humping already gets them in enough trouble without the Hasbio Seal Of Approval, for another it doesn’t make sense from a marketing standpoint to give the customer a toy that will replaces itself.

More likely the end-goal was completely infertile Fluffies with asexual programming, still able to feel ‘wub’ and care for their human owners, but with little to no sexual attraction, leaving the breeding stock in-store for Hasbio use only.


True, the breeding fluffies are kept for production. They then spay and neuter the ones sold in public. Maybe even make sure to reprogram them to not breed as well. Making them completely asexual. The only love they need is their owners. The defecation and piss problem would also be fixed as well. They would be easily trained as dogs and cats since they have a basic 4-year old human intelligence.

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It depends on the headcanon of each one. In my opinion, over time, they would have become sterile and practically asexual. Just entrusting the production to the fluffy princesses. Perhaps leaving an idea of ​​male and female but making impossible the idea of ​​"special friend" perhaps if the buyer wanted he could try to emulate that the fluffys are a couple but they would only understand another fluffy as their friend and nothing more. The princesses would be secretly under lock and key of hasbio never for sale and over time it would develop that the fluffys could only eat registered hasbio food. The princesses could have litters of up to 50 fluffys. It would be the ideal world of hasbio where, despite being able to produce them with only the equivalent of 1 dollar, they would sell fluffys to thousands, even the worst colors.

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I wonder if there would be a way for them to neuter them while they’re pregnant without terminating the existing litter, making it so they can sell soon mummahs that won’t fuck with their control of breeding.

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I mean, I don’t think Hasbio intended them to be sold breeding outside of the facility. The breeding ones are for production only.

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I guess it depends on what the marketing plan was. Is it an IPhone cycle, where the profit is in selling the equipment? Or is it like a mobile game, where the profit is in all the future support and micro transactions? Selling high-end kibble, branded toys, safe room furnishings can add up to a lot over time. Many stories make a big deal about how expensive it is to keep fluffies as a pet, and often a reason why owners forbid their fluffies from having foals, the added expense.

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I guess when you buy a fluffy, you are given a starter kit and instructions on how to care for one.

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It can be fun to think about. :grin: What I think is that it would be all but impossible to breed a genderless mammal. Maybe something like ants or bees where there’s one queen and a lot of sterile females and males are born only when needed. But I think most of us can agree that fluffies are way more mammal then insect. Maybe natural born fluffies were never intended for public release and were only the first step in a process of surgical, psychological, physical training/programming. Kinda like a super soldier program. They could be sold in limited runs or special editions while also being able to introduce new features. They would require specialty food and treats not just for nutrition but to maintain artificial modifications.
Instead because of the break out we’re stuck with unrefined cheese curds instead of mozzarella of pets.

Yeah, this won’t prevent fluffies being abandoned. Since keeping one fed and being forced to buy Hasbio products would get expensive. At least they won’t breed like rabbits in the wild.

Fluffies are made not breed making them asexual would not be out of the question, nothing about fluffies is supposed to be animal like I don’t think they were meant to have any apparent sexual characteristics and only identify as male or female

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Yeah, and the fluffies were basically living furbies. You guys are right about them basically being asexual. Since their target audience are little girls, the female ones were the ones meant to be sold. And they were meant to be sterile.

I’ve always felt that the existence of mothers/fathers for newborns would be problematic. It is a fine line to tread between the foals developing with less empathy vs. foals focusing on socialization with other foals/fluffies instead of what they should be focusing on: humans.