Fluffy Centipede (by Anonymunstah)


Damn fluffy centipede blowing up


gosh, now if only there was a tube that lead the poop back to the first fluffy or back to the third, self cleaning!


I wonder how long the back fluffy survives.

In most headcannons fluffies digestive track are very inefficient so a lot of nutrients aren’t processed. Which causes the defecation to be a great fertilizer … and rather nutricious, albeit not very tasety. So a fluffy could very well be able to sustain itself on … second hand feces.

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He looks awfully skinny, though. I don’t think he has long.

The idea that you could just keep making the box longer and longer, eventually tho the one at the back is gonna starting shitting and piling up the back of the box.

terrible way to go suffocation on your own impacted feces.
oh well dont be bad colored init :shrug:

just imagine you can replace it (the last and dedad one at the end)

This seems inefficient.
It’s not gonna make the fluffy at the front last any longer, nor do anything a bag wouldn’t.
And you don’t even get to enjoy the other two suffering because they’re in a closed box.