Fluffy containment unit (Aswhy-Artist)

Standard 10x10 fluffy container

each unit contains-
Ikea built fluffy beds
self-cleaning litterbox
self refilling water and kibble dish
two standard fluffy toys
builtin tv screen
standard security camera to monitor fluffies

Each Unit contains at least 10 fluffies
3 foals
1 smarty
3 mares
2 toughie friends
1 poopy-fluffy

all fluffies are put on birth control to prevent breeding
if a mare gives birth to more fluffies simply use knockout gas and remove the new foals while the others are unconscious if one of the fluffies expires replace the fluffy with a new one. If one of the babies were to expire then the mare can keep the oldest of newborns or the position can be filled with another baby

screen time is 8 hours a day on the sponsored fluffy channel

Unless to replace any expired fluffies absolutely NO human contact is allowed

If Fluffies were to throw tantrums or cause any inconvenience to work simply stop feeding them and wait for the herd to expire and place a new one


Perfect inspiration.

Also, nice profile pic :wink:


why would you put a smarty in, it would just inconvenience everything and possibly kill the babies because of their colors or just enfing them

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Hey you, welcome to FC! <3

I love the pieces with lots of detail and thought put into them, like yours. Mechanical aspects of fluffy lore like saferoom construction or farm layouts etc always interest me. This is wonderful.

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Nothing more tragic then a shitcolored alicorn

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funny thing, as long as they have good brown colors (similar manes to fluff), I actually prefer them that way