Fluffy content about mental regression

Anyone have recommended stories/comics/images involving adult fluffies (or even talkie babbehs) reverting to a “chirpie” state? I know of “Dorothy” and the death of the mare in gr1m’s Spwouwin Babbeh comic. Anyone else know of some good ones?


You can start on this one:



This is far from my favorite story I’ve written, but there’s a short bit in here in which an elderly gray fluffy starts screaming for his mummah while being tortured.


Interesting concept. People don’t do much with elderly fluffies. Short is right, though. No chirping or anything unfortunately.

I’ve personally always gone with the idea that they all do it as a sort of defence-mechanism, when their minds can’t cope anymore they regress to chirping and crying in the vain belief that their beloved birth-mother will come and save them from their suffering.


I’m actually planning on remaking that one. I like the concept but I feel like I didn’t do enough with it.

I think Ace did a similar story with a fluffy with dementia. I recall there being mirrors at some point and it reminding me of the one scene in Don Quixote.

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