Fluffy CYOA 04 (by Booperino)

Alley Fluffys may be dumber but a lil bit of focus can help jog some memories
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To the alley+ways!

Time to tag team. I’m going to look for trash cans and dumpsters while checking up on the fluffy to see if he spots or smells anything, starting with alleys near a park. I figure that proximity might’ve been what confused him initially.

Listen for “huu-huu where’s baby”. If we find a fluffy, we’re going to chat, asking:

  1. What’s wrong?
  2. If missing baby then what kind of baby? Listen to description.
  3. Then “what happened to baby?”
  4. Then “where is special friend?”

If the answers are agreeable, I’ll let the stallion down to sniff the fluffy. If the stallion thinks the fluffy (mare or stallion) smells like the baby then we’ve got a lead.

If the stallion gets spooked then I’ll keep an eye on the fluffy. There might be a reason why.


First of all, some head pats for a good boy remembering useful informations. Then, to the alleyways near the place we found him we go!

Keep an eye and an ear out for any crying mummahs or siblings and work from there. If nothing is found, then the park is next!