Fluffy Explorers Pilot [Ostrxchz]

brackets [(){}] are in mind and italics are actions

Next to the beach a two story house lied inside the house there was a woman full of exploration. This woman was a diver and she wanted to find the fabled Sea-Fluff.

July 26 10:07 am

The sunrise beams through the blinds on to Tiffany’s face she looked away and checked the time “10:07!?!?! I’m going to be late!!! as Tiffany was walking to a bench her friend, Jewel pulled up with a scuba gear in a swim bag “are you ready?” she said, “Hell yeah!!” Tiffany replied as they went to the bathrooms and changed into their scuba fit and dove into the ocean. As both of them explored a what seemed to be an Eel swam by faster than ever recorded when the two checked it out it was gone. The two, very confused decided to ignore it and went into the cave they named “Bbbblrp” and found new inhabitants such as seahorse, crab fish and even octopi fighting over land, jewel laughed and Tiffany picked up one of the octopi and put him in a different spot. They needed oxygen, but the octopus grabbed tiffany’s leg and pulled her down, Jewel grabbed tiffany, both of them suffocating and quickly swam to the surface “I’m done for the day how about you?" jewel said " Definitely" she responded.

12:17 p.m after they got home

(Tiffany:I should invite her to dinner at the Golden Loaf restaurant)
she called
hey Tiff, whats up?
Oh i was wondering if you wanted to eat at the Golden Loaf for lunch
Yeah sounds great do we go now or at 1:00?
lets go at 1:00
Sounds good!

12:30 pm

loud banging on the door
Tiffany opens the door
a Macro brown unicorn fluffy, roughly 3 years old made a dent in the door they seemed to be abandoned as Tiffany picked it up it automatically loved her.
Tiffany not Knowing what to do, set him down on a pillow she put on the floor in a pet cage with a dog bed in it.
Calls Jewel
Jewel get over here right now.
what’s going on?
no time to explain I need your help.

! This is just the pilot if it seems good ch. 1 will come! (this is my first story)

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