Fluffy facts: a radical rat! (by: artist-kun)


Okay, this made me chuckle.


Bitching about it isn’t going to make him stop eating you. Crying is only helpful if there is someone who cares about you to come save you.


it’s his only option, soooo…


Imagine blaming the baby version of an animal whose mental capacity ranges between 3 and 10 years old human (usually) for crying and begging. Yep.

Unless it was sarcastic, in which case it’s ok.

I mean, the foal should have used his ample array of natural weapons to turn the situation around, such as:

  • Literal baby strength in an animal known for its physical weakness even in adult form.

  • Lack of teeth.

  • Soft, baby hooves.

  • Soft, thin skin uncapable of resisting the teeth of an animal that can literally chew through wood with relative ease.

Damn, this foal’s clearly lazy and st00pid.

It’s futile to root for the foals, but I’ll do it anyway, because fuck rats.

Fluffies never caused a plague.

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they did in half of the headcanons

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Fair enough. Not in mine, though.

But rats caused a real life plague. That killed like half of Europe. There’s a reason so many Dutch swear words are names of diseases. Like pokken, kanker, tyfus, pest, tering.



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On the other hand, rats make good starting enemies in RPGs. It’s either that or slimes, take your pick.


Lmao dig in buddy dig in

That rat has the right idea!

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“Rats! We’re rats! We’re the rats!”

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So I take it internet edgelord wannabees calling whatever they don’t like “cancer” takes on a whole new meaning for you.

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being a weak pathetic stupid little baby is no excuse i mean that rat is clearly smaller than it it should be a curbstomp lolololololololololololololololololololol wut a bunch of shits lets kill em all [/S]

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Haaaaaaa! Nice one.

The panel that says “NINJA” while showing a foal struggling to pick up a block just kills me. Like, go get 'em champ.