Fluffy facts: alleyway nests. (by: artist-kun)


I can hear the pain and distress with my eyes.

Well done.


This is what the stupid ones do, the smart ones just find a cardboard box.

Relatively smart, that is. Fluffies who are actually smart, or something close to smart, would just not run away from home in the first place.

I think some fluffies can be smart enough to not throw away a good deal.


imagine a herd that owns all cardboard boxes in the area and rent them out for enfies and nummies


That’s a good one, I’ll have to remember it, if you don’t mind me using it. I’m going to be writing more fluffy-related stuff anyway now that the latest ChaotiX arc is done. I know, it focuses too much on humanoids, I try to balance it out. And I’ve already done a fluffy drug lord, so a fluffy landlord isn’t a stretch.


all yours



Like there’s always a cardboard box somewhere. It’s like this shit materializes the moment a fluffy seeks shelter in an alley.


Well hey, that’s another thing about this site I like so much. We can put our heads together and brainstorm ideas, and anyone’s free to use them.

At least, that’s the case with me. Anyone is free to use any ideas I volunteer. I’m happy when someone likes one of my ideas so much they actually use them. And I try to use my own ideas too, because I can’t be having with “idea guys”. I’m not gonna sit on my ass and expect everyone else to do all the work for me.

But that should be obvious to anyone who’s seen my catalog.

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Narrative causality provides at times like that.

Narrative causality giveth, and narrative causality taketh away.

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imageboards like 2ch and 4chan work like that btw. as soon as you put it out on the internet, it belongs to everyone


Yeah, but they’re anonymous, and you can’t exactly prove the idea was yours.

Unless you use a tripcode, in which case nobody takes you seriously because you’re a tripfag.

So they’ve got you coming and going.


The mare had one job…

The shit is the mortar that holds the trash nest together. A plentiful resource.

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Quespike cleaning in a hazmat suit and scraping the fluffies into a truck