Fluffy Facts - Bunkering Down (DarrolLayman)

Tried something different, made this on a hunch when I saw artwork about Bowl Fluffies. Let me know what you think, and please don’t be that guy.


Two of my greatest loves: fluffy stupidity and polite moles. That little gent is too cute.


IIRC Artist-Kun did something similar for a fact comic but i could be wrong… if im right can someone link it cuz i cant quite find it.

But still i love that mole he’s adorable and clever use using a bowl fluffy anatomy in a defensive way instead a normal fluffy.


OOT bur I think this is the first time I’ve seen a bowl-mare

I love this idea

Using this

Green died so hard that he turned into a gravestone.

Oh I see your head cannon and add it to my own

Where did the green babbeh go?

Don’t you see the tombstone?

I assumed that was to show that all the foals were dead. Would have been better if there was some connection like green writing or a tail sticking out underneath.

I like this comic, though. It’s really clever, especially the conversational mole rat thing lol. A good mix of weirdbox and moronbox. Also, I like your art style.