Fluffy facts: foals as drugs. (by: artist-kun)


I have to freebase fluffies just to feel normal…


I think they be sniffin the shits :sweat_smile:

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Sounds like a lie you tell your reefer friend to get him to huff burning foal.

Melt those carotene hooves on a spoon for nutritional suppliments.

Didn’t somebody do weed fluffies?


Several. :slight_smile:

But this seems to be just normal fresh born foals not plant fluffies.

Then get a green fluffy and tell him it’s a weed fluffy.

Mix it with bananadrine and you’ve got yourself a good high.

Basically just jankem.

Hahahaha yes burn the new borns. Let them suffer from the begin.

Smoke foal erry day.

I love how absolutely pathetic artist-kun fluffies look

This is definitely part of my fluffy headcanon. Someone smoking crack figured he’d try smoking a fluffy, and on crackhead logic concluded that it must have been the foal that got him high. And then the legend started rolling, with people smoking “just a little crack to get started” before lighting a foal, and swearing up and down that the foal was not superfluous in getting high.