Fluffy Family (2016) (Artist:Titanfluff)

This was my first fluffy drawing, at least as far as I can remember. Classic tropes, I remember having to redo the eyes cause I messed them up. (that version is long lost)


Feel sad :cry: for that poopie classic touch of a feral family.


Time to yeet some Ferals.


Love this picture :heart:
it’s both really cute but also really sad for brown and orange.


WTF you’re here! I’m a great admirer of your art, welcome back


I want to kill everyone except the brown colored foal


I never understood poopie savior trope. They are all shitrats and the poopies are indeed especially ugly.

If anything humans should be thankful that fluffies already start removing themselves on their own before any human or natural intervention.

Oh well, nice art though. I like the cartooniness and distinct colors.


Don’t cut yourself on that edge there, buddy :troll:


For some reason I’ve never really been a fan of the poopie babbeh trope. I mean obviously humans targeting the shit colored ones for verbal and physical abuse makes sense, but it always seemed more likely to me that fluffies wouldn’t be so outwardly cruel based on color. Especially with how much they obsess over having their foals in the first place.

Either way this is great. That’s a very kickable family right there.

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What a rude brat, bothering his daddy after he’s had a long day providing for the family

Uhm… I like brown. Not as much as gray, and I think that can be considered another poopie color. IIRC, @Moesius had noted the “poopie” colors are more likely to be desaturated ones, duller, etc.

I’m not as big a fan of the bright colors to be honest. Personal taste and all that. If they look like the same colors as candy targeting children, its less to my tastes.

I’d probably lose my mind over a siamese colored/patterned one.


I never would have placed this one at the BEGINNING of your time in the community. This feels like it’s already totally refined, stylistically.

I… is that a dancie babbeh? OwO
I-in a feral family?

Day is made! UwU

Want to crush those good babies infront of the parents then break their parents legs and just leave them in the ally to starve or be attacked by a wild dog or something.


Nice work. We’ll somebody he’s to kill this idiots.

I like that idea.