Fluffy game (requires dice) [LightBulb]

First post!!! :tada:

Ello, i’ve been thinking about this for a while now.

It’s a game where you roll a dice and whatever number you get is what happens to you. (You’re the fluffy btw) So, if you roll a one you could start of as a feral and if you roll a 6 you start off in an adoption center. Basically here’s how i would do it:
(Do this in order)


Roll for type of fluffy (4 sided dice)
1 - alicorn (9 times out of 10 you’re fucked here)
2 - pegasus
3 - unicorn
4 - earthie
(Doesn’t matter how you arrange the last three, at least i think)

Then, you roll what color you are
1 - brown fluffy ( with darker brown mane and tail )
2 - dark colored fluffy
3 - semi dark colored fluffy (better than the ones above)
4 - normal colored fluffy, (NOT BRIGHT, just inbetween)
5 - bright colored fluffy (bestest if no better color sibling)
6 - bright colored, & same color as mama fluffy! (Bestes babbeh)

[you get to choose the colors for 2 (make it look bad though,) 3 (same as 2,) 4, & 5.] [choose whatever mane and tail color u want. Just keep it dark colored if u get 2, or 3.]

Gender: optional

And now, your starting area! Hope for the best but if you got anything bad on the first, you’re probably fucked anyway.

1 - feral in alley way (only mummah can provide help)
2 - in a “foal in a can!” At a store. (Or basic advertisement shit, idk all of em)
3 - smarty herd (you’re fucked if they demand territory from human abuser, even if it’s a hugboxer imma be honest) (also if ur Alicorn, just restart at this point)
4 - herd of normal fluffies (like a group)
5 - adoption center (hopefully good)
6 - in a home with a dada (or momma)! (You choose if u get mama or both dada & mama fluffies)
EXTRA ONE (you can choose these ones too)
(Adding more, pls lmk what i should add in comments)

And almost done, roll a 6 sided die for siblings,
1-3 - you’re getting 3 siblings (any gender u want)
4-6 - 4, 5, or 6 siblings (choosable)

And finally, roll for your syndrome (optional)
B.M.S. (Bitch mare syndrome) [still researching]

Smarty syndrome: mainly for bestest baby. Often demands for things and doesn’t give a flying fuck about other fluffies, sometimes if an adult you can have a herd, usually dies at adult due to demanding for a human house or because of how he only cares for it self. Then, when an abuser is about to slit your throat or something worse (torture) you try to make the human feel bad for abusing you, (pretty stupid considering the shit you would do as a smarty)
Lightbulb: i’ve never seen that work before!

Micro fluffy: you are a lot smaller than the usual fluffy, it’s you against the world, (unless you’re in an adoption center)

Toughie: [still researching]

Derpy fluffy: [still researching]

Bowl fluffy: you are like a bowl, and a fluff who doesnt care about water! (Finally!)

[the part below is for if you chose to be in the forest]
you can cross streams of water by floating on your back, it’s called bowl cuz your stomach (or whatever the hell it’s called) is like a bowl and you can put either food, or babbehs on/in? It to safely cross a river. As long as the water isn’t too fast you should be fine.

S.B.S. (Sensitive baby syndrome) you are completely reliant on your mother even at an older age.
Credit: @BrotherOni (wdym spare)

Cannibal: you’re a cannibal (NO FUCKING SHIT)
you have these weird eyes and pointy teeth (i think) and you have a diet of the following…
Fluffies, (don’t know yet…)

Any others that you can think of. Didn’t number because this is optional.

For the ending, you choose it, use your imagination! Think of the way you die (the ending,) what you do, etc…

This is my first post, so if there’s anything i did that was wrong, pls lmk, i’ll fix it if i can. I might add more stuff too cuz holy shit theres a lot of stuff a fluffy can have, i probably only listed the basics! Anyhow, you can probably do this to make your own story! (Note to everyone, i am not a good artist, so i am most likely going to stick to text-posting)


I’d make some of those rolls percentile based. Like roll d100 and 91-100 is alicorn with the other choices being 1-30, 31-60, and 61-90.


@ezpete What i did was the lower number you got the worse you were, but a d100 would be pretty nice


If it’s what I think you mean (the fluffy never develops physically or mentally beyond the chirppeh babbeh phase), then it’s more commonly know as ‘sensitive babbeh syndrome’.

SBS is the fluffy equivalent of a developmental disorder like Down Syndrome. If you roll this option, you’re entirely dependent on your mummah, so what happens to you is entirely dependent on reserve resources of your herd.
If there’s spare, then your mummah essentially goes into BMS mode over you, but as you’re a helpless chirpy, nothing too detrimental happens aside from new litters get semi abandoned.
If there isn’t enough, you’ll get euthanised.


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