Fluffy in a sack (InfraredTurbine)

I basically did this last week but forgot to post it here xD
sorry, these last weeks were crazy o_o
initially I was thinking these could be sold for example for you to buy it, and give it to your mare who’s being a bitch, so she’d have to take care of a smarty, which would teach her in a way, and other stuff, but @Nacho gave me a better idea: to buy these and use them as snake food! which is brilliant.
These are taken from the herd where they are being reproduced in a closed space, kinda frozen so they be kept asleep for around 1-2 days
after that if they are not sold, the process is remade for at least 1 week, and then they are changed for newer ones, and send to the farm for other purposes :slight_smile:

For commissions, illustrations and plastic bags with smarties, feel free to contact me at any time! :smiley:


Was talking about something similar just the other day :heart:
As much as I adore FIACs, something like this makes way more sense logistically.


like, the cool part of the foal in a can is that you can get a surprise, but with this one you could just choose yours on hand :stuck_out_tongue:


Waking up thrown him to the snake pen :smiling_imp:

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Tbh you could kick the shit out of them and all the blood, feces, etc. would remain in the bag. Easy abuse with none of the mess.


Get this person an award

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couldn’t agree more

If we can feed frozen rats to snakes, I see no reason why we couldn’t do the same with their maned brethren :stuck_out_tongue: waking up half way down a snake’s throat must be rough

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This seems like it’s going to result in buying a bag of shit most of the time.

Don’t cheap out on the can.


When do you sleep? You have multiple new uploads even when I log in several days in a row. I admire that work ethic.

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normally in the morning xD
I love working/drawing at dawn

Awww why dispose of him its very entertaining to watch him slowly die in its own shit and piss

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