Fluffy Mating Season(Fluffthrowaway)

A herd of Fluffy Ponies grazes in a clearing, this herd is mostly made of mature females and their weanling foals. One female nudges her eldest towards some grass.

“Babbeh too big for miwkies, miwkies for wittwe babbehs, biggest babbeh nummie gwassy.”

“Babbeh by wan gwassy nummies, wan sketties!”

The young male is reluctant, but eventually he gives into his hunger and takes his first bites of solid food.

The leader of the herd is an adult male Pegasus, a Smarty. He has fathered every foal in the herd and keeps everyone in line with his display.

“Fwuffy nu disobey Smawty, Fwuffy dat dun wisten are dummehs!”

The male issues a vocal threat and puffs out his cheek pouches towards an insubordinate male, an Earth Fluffy starting to reach sexual maturity.

“Fine, Fwuffy weave! Find nyu hewd wif gud mawes and nu dummeh Smawty!”

The young male trots off in a huff, never to be seen in the herd again. The Smarty is distracted by the coos of a female in heat, impatiently trotting around and calling out.

“Fwuffy wan babbehs, Fwuffy nee’ be Mummah! Wub babbehs!”

The Smarty walks up to the female and begins his display.

“Ou pwetty mawe, Smawty show ou Smawty speshaw dancie~”

Puffing out his cheek, the Smarty rears up on his rear hooves and prances around the female, occasionally stamping his front hooves against trees, and flashing the plumage on his wings, as he finishes, the female voices her approval.

“Smawty am su gud at dancin, wan Smawty speshaw huggies!”

As the pair begin to mate, another sound comes from the bushes.

“Dummeh Wingie, dis Smawty Wand nao!”

A rival… This unicorn is coated in scars from previous bouts defending his own herd from outside males and smaller predators, he is the sole survivor of his herd, and now wants to claim the Pegasus Smarty’s herd for his own.

“Howny Fwuffy am da dummeh! Dis Smawty hewd, dummeh wan it, fight Smawty fo it!”

Both males puff out their cheeks and circle each other, staring into the eyes of their opponent. Soon they both charge and slam into each other, bashing their opponent with their hooves and biting their fluff to tear it out. The hearts watches on in shock, they know that if the rival unicorn wins, he will kill all of the male foals in the herd to reduce competition and leave only potential mates.

The unicorn plays dirty, jabbing the Smawty in the eye with his horn.


“Gib up or gu foweba sweepies!”


The Pegasus slams his hooves into the unicorns side, cracking several ribs and rupturing organs.

KAFF Ugh… Smawty nu gib up…”


The Pegasus throws his opponent on his side, smashing his front legs into the others head until he expires.


The Pegasus, now blind in one eye and covered in blood, has won. He reaffirms his dominance by mating with every mature mare in the herd, such is the mating season of the Fluffy Pony.


The voice in my head sounds like David Attenbourough during the narration.


Exactly what I was going for