Fluffy Mill Stud (Pastry_Knight)

In the unlikely event that a male foal is exceptional enough to not be disposed of soon after birth they are kept to stud for the breeder. Relying on the natural urges of fluffies is not sound business practice as such studs are modified to allow the automation of the collection of reproductive material. With the legs removed they can be mounted on the same shelving as pillow mothers, sharing the catheterised feeding and waste systems, a pneumatic and electroshock tool is used to maximise productivity. Collected material can be used for the artificial insemination of the pillow mothers.

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This is how you make a coomer a doomer.


How do they keep jizz production up? I mean being harvested by force 24/365 isn’t going to exactly be good for you

Special Diet, and they aren’t being milked 24/7, only every 4 hours

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Ah ok