fluffy ponys as a zoo exhibit (Wolfram_Sparks)


As a britbonger myself i am also often told i should be kept in a zoo :shrug:


Over 100? Ready to go


I feel this My mom and dad have me under their phone as Polar bear

The last copies of UN, the tears of that mare say that they killed her special friend

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It’s kinda eerie how accurate Wolf was with the plague year.


Cause ya teef are naf m8

I hope their population spikes down more lmao


One good thing covid did! Together , we can kill the remaining 100, no biggie!

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U fookin wot ill bash you right in the biffer i will!

(once i learn to get out from behind this glass enclosure)


I’d not want them to die. I’d want them to be around in such numbers that even the most derelict of people could find one to abuse.

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Oh, not again! We’ve had more complaints about them moping. You know what to do. Encouragement procedure after hours.

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I love the idea of Fluffies being more or less common depending on the region of the world. I think maybe the fluffy population is the most dense in the states, America and South America being practically overrunning with the damn things. Asia is a runner up as they’re high in numbers only in certain areas, being extremely popular and common in places like Japan and China but practically nonexistent in Russia. Europe is spared for the most part since there are practically none there due to them being banned after the Feral Population Boom caused by PETA in 20XX, I would say less than a two thousand in the whole continent since they’re still a notoriously invasive species and a couple hundred would find their way over their via smuggling and sneaking into shipping boats every year or so.

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