Fluffy Powered Off-grid Generator (Decent_Cupid)

  1. Stair mill, uses the combined weight of fluffies to spin a gear

  2. Torque converter stage 1, turns high torque, low rpm into lower torque, higher rpm.

2a. Torque converter stage 2, further lowers torque and increases rpm.

  1. U-joint, sends the rotation into the generator.

  2. Generator, spins a semi-cylindrical magnet around copper wire coil to store static electricity into a capacitor and charge the series-parrallel array

4a. Drive disengage, allows for maintenance without the risk of the stair mill moving and causing electric shock. WARNING THE STAIR MILL MAY STILL ROTATE ALL MOVING PARTS KEEP FINGERS CLEAR OF MOVING PARTS!

4b. Access latch, turning this switch counter clockwise will allow for access to the generators interior for maintenance.

4c.12V 600a fuse, in the unlikely event of a sudden surge from the capacitor (likely due to a capacitor failure) the fuse will blow, preventing any damaging surges to the array. IF THIS FUSE BLOWS THE GENERATOR WILL AUTOMATICALLY DISENGAGE FROM THE REST OF THE DRIVE SYSTEM TO PREVENT STATIC BUILDUP! IN THIS EVENT THE GENERATOR WILL REQUIRE THE DRIVE DISENGAGE BE MANUALLY RESET TO THE SWITCH (4a.) FROM INSIDE THE MAINTENANCE PANEL.

  1. Series-Parrallel array, this is multiple batteries wired together to “make” a big battery. It powers the cabin and is charged by the generator.

I finally managed to rig this thing up, my neighbor left this land to me. He said “that old parcel of land is a good homestead to-be for hardworking young man like myself.” Well it has a decent sized cabin, a good little workshop, and a well, I just needed some electricity out here. Only problem is that the city wanted to charge me $40k to get juice ran out here!

Theres no way i could afford that so i used some of my know how and some scrap go cart parts and made this. Theres still a few kinks to work out but so far I’ve had a constant stream of good power for the cabin and the workshop. I was even able to do some welding in the workshop! These fluffies aren’t very heavy so i need a few of them to get it turning 2 works but I need at least 3 to be able to weld in the shop. All the moving components are made from tool steel and I installed grease points for optimal lubrication, in other words the parts will last a very long time as long as i maintain them. Theres also a plethora of old power tools left in the shop, all old but in very good working order, I can’t wait for a project to use them.

The torque converters slow the stair-mill down to a manageable 45ish steps/ minute so they aren’t dying but i have enough fluffies locked up in an old chicken coop to keep cycling them in and out. They kept falling and hiding. The only thing they respond to is beatings and treats so i put a modified gator clamp on their tuft so when they fall theres no hiding, just piñata fluffy. It keeps them all in line and when they’re done for the day ill give them the “Sketti” treat (unless they fall).

I cycle them out every 4ish hours, i don’t need to charge 24/7, one “shift” of charging lasts me more than a day if I’m not doing anything that draws excessive power, like welding, or using more than one appliance in a day. All in all i like the setup and the land, 800 acres. Plenty to hunt game, fish and trap fluffies for the generator. My first order of business is gonna be building a new chicken coop for actual chickens. I guess I’ll need to use the workshop sooner than i thought, id better go grab another fluffy from the old coop.


Your fluffies are so pathetic looking, I love them


Unlimited energy, in the palm of my hands…


This is a really impressive diagram. Damned nice job!

Lulz, stupid pegasus. It’s what he gets for slowing down.


Added to my library in case fluffiest are ever invented.


This rules


That’s taking advantage of those shitrats who in their life would think they would work xD