Fluffy predador 2da vida (nessie) final


aun tengo curiosidad por como piensa comer, aun que la imagen del pájaro regurgitando creo que es una pista.


Translation for the non-Spanish speaking fluffies:

Mint colored babbeh: -Motha fuckin’- SKREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Mint colored daddeh: Nuuuu! Bestes’ babbeh! Hewp Smawty!!!

B-bestes’ babbeh!!!

Mint colored daddeh filled with rage: D-dummeh bestes babbeh! You nu bestes’ babbeh nu mowe!!! Smawty daddy wiww giv’ sowwy enfies to dummeh babbeh!

Wiww give Sowwy enfies to stupi’ dummeh babbeh an’ bestest fwiend fow giv dummeh babbeh!!!

Mint colored daddeh to Starvin Marvin famished fluffy: pwease… nu giv’ wowstest huwties… Smawty am good fwuffy… pwease nu huwty bestest fwuffy…

S-Smawty wiww giv’ nummies to nyu fwiend if nyu fwiend hewps smawty find dummeh babbeh and giv wowst Sowwy enfies…

Starvin Marvin famished fluffy: Smawty… Am Onwy… SMAWTY!!!

-Twack twack! Motha fucka!!!-

Starvin Marvin famished fluffy: Smawty has wowst tummeh huwties…

-The camera pans to the bludgeoned head of the former smarty fluffy-

Starvin Marvin famished fluffy: Smawty wiww nu has mowe tummeh huwties :3 -Then he breaks out dancing like Toothless- Cues Driftveil city theme song!

-ehem- Epilogue I guess…?

Goca(bloody plastic): material in which all fluffies are made of and serves as a link to their DNA.
In short; it’s like a super glue keeping different cardboard boxes together. -I… my brain just died in this part hahaha xD-

Fluffy factoid: all fluffies suffer from a mental condition which affects their perception of reality. In turn it makes them see the world as some sort of fairy tale but it differs from fluffy to fluffy and their generations.

Smarties and how smarties perceive themselves(as Giga Chad fluffies).

That’s one of the many examples in store.

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