Fluffy Puberty (by Newb_ronswek)


Your logic removes the need for horrid torture and as such should be ignored. JK glad to see someone thought this out.


Puberty can be easily dealt with using a testicle smashing hammer.

It’s a little less easy to use it on females, though.


Are we still talking about Fluffies, or just like in general?


Just keep smashing, eventually you’ll find them.

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Bob, we’re coming in to Horny Season, time to round up the new teens.

Right, Fred. All these “pure bred” fluffies sell for higher prices; they are going to be more healthy and have better stomach muscle control and sphincter control. Well, it’s time to get them to the Farm, they’re going to enjoy the new scenery and have lots of places to rid of there extremely horny nature without having any new batch of fluffies.

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It’s all the same to the hammer.

The hammer don’t care.

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The puberty shouldn’t last too long, so constant, regular nut-flicks should keep them from humping things until it’s over. :laughing:

If you don’t have a hammer the heel of your shoe is a great and simple neutering device. For the females just use it on her head. After of course you have raped and sodomized it.