Fluffy Pummel Party! Now looking for devs

Hello I am the dev of Fluffy pummel party a hopefully new and upcoming 3D abuse and hug box game! For some explanation the game will consist of a 3D environment where you can interact with AI powered fluffys for that immersive feel. Right now the game is slated to come out 2027-2030 and thats because I have no other devs! With this being my first big project I could really use a lot of help on this (even if its just one other person).
For some other unrelated info to those who wanna help we would be using unreal and python (any other code would also work fine) There are no deadlines and currently development is, VERY slow to say the least for many reasons.
I hope your as hyped as I am to make it! Have a good day and remember to never trust a smartie!




What are you paying?

Average developers cost roughly $30 an hour.

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This makes me miss icepick :pensive: think he is closest we ever got to a complete game.


I would be willing to help. I’m only a beginner at using Python and I have no experience with Unreal, but if you don’t have a problem with that, this project sounds like a lot of fun :slight_smile:

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yeah I mean its pretty much like that although its a project for me. Sure others will eventally be able to enjoy it but its something I need. Over the past year fluffys have kept me sane from my own metal issues. Its like what ed ted did he still made a game good or not and so even if the game I make is not good I still will make a game.

hey I’d take any help

I mean sure 30-40 dollars a hour. Granted im a bit short on money considering how much the fluffy model cost. (ive sank so much money into the game already I aint just gonna abandon it)

Yo solo soy un desarrollador con conocimiento en c# y estoy aprendiendo modelar en blender y poco conocimiento en unity