Fluffy Royale by Ffburner

You’re Thomas, a microfluffy farmer, you’re checking the last of the traps on the maze before the big day.

It was a marvelous thing, it reminds you of your days of playing tabletop wargames with his friends, though at the time they used crayons and old cardboard for their scenery and buildings, with dice and miniatures instead of live animals.

Your team sells microfluffies and handcrafted habitats, the habitat part of business was what brought the real money, the living microfluffies were more of a marketing thing born of a suggestion from your wife.

You just keep track of which fluffy fucks which and select the foals for traits and colors.
You’ve got a streamlined flow of microfluffies of all kinds ready for selling, either directly to clients, to fluffyshops or to street food vendors.

The idea of a fluffy battle royale to cull spare fluffies came from the youngest member of your operation after watching a marathon of Hunger Games (the originals, not that remakes from the 60’s).
And micros are perfect for it, not only do their size makes it easier to make the mazes and traps, they are better than regular fluffies when it came to spatial awareness and object permanence due to their burrowing nature, not to mention of how it’s easier to give them flashy weapons.

Fluffy Royale had taken the internet by storm, inspiring many imitations, but yours had become a massive hit above all the rest, bringing in millions of viewers and thousands of gamblers.

The broadcast starts, the drone captured aerial view of a sprawling labyrinth appears, the maze’s outer layer has three distinct parts, a plastic tree mud jungle, a pool with ship shaped platforms and a open topped labyrinth made to resemble an Egyptian temple, they all lead to one of three openings into an enclosed circular castle-like structure that surrounded a miniature city resembling the ones used in tokusatsu series, in it’s center lay a small sandbox.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, to the grand finale of the 28th Fluffy Royale! Live here at AsgardTV! Speaking now is your beloved host, Mr. Odin!
Now, let’s take a look at our finalists!”

“Coming straight out of the prison crate, this tough little bastard has come out first place in all the previous rounds despite the disadvantages he was under, he’s the clear favorite, with 40% of the bets on him as of now. There’s not a hint of fear inside this fat bastard! He even spooked off Fenrir during their encounter on the second round! Talk about a tough fluffy!
Ladies and gentlemen! Say hello to Nilsson!”

The camera shows a sandy yellow mane less earthy wearing a black helmet that covered the front of his head leaving holes for his nostrils and crazed eyes, it’s legs covered by black metal shoes fixed to a dark leather strip harness.

“Second Place goes to one of the volunteers, the first one to survive the third round on the whole history of Micro Gauntlet, this fluffy has defied every expectation and has quickly risen in popularity. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Fantasy!”

The light gray micro pegasus has what appears to be a red linen and gray plastic armored skirt, his brown mane and tail hairs are cut short, a half helmet is strapped to his head, big needles sticking out from both sides of his mouth, held by a soft rubber handle in between the stallion’s teeth.

“He may have lost his status as the favorite of the audience but he’s still a fluffy to be reckoned with. The number one from this batch of chosen, iiiiit’s Marine!”

The army green and brown fluffy wore a concealing gray helmet of plastic and acrylic, his only piece of armor is a gauntlet on his right leg, attached to it is what can only be described as the world’s smallest nail gun, a red glow coming out from under it, connected by tubes was a gas canister fixed to his back.

“The fluffy most popular with the ladies in the audience, don’t let this fluffy’s well groomed appearance fool you, he is ready to get dirty. Meeeet Rose!”

The green and red fluffy has a curly brown mane and looks like it would be more at home in a beauty contest, all it carried with himself was a half circular blade similar to a 180° protractor with a rubber handle.

“He may have gotten in trouble last round, but he’s not out of the game yet! A round of applauses for Flat Line.”

The white and red earthy fluffy was missing it’s front limbs under the knees, attached to the stumps by rubber and straps were half a dozen razor blades acting as peg legs, three in each leg, it’s hinds protected by metal shoes.

“Charging straight ahead and putting fear into his foes, it’s Sombra.”

The black and red fluffy was fitted with leg guards and neck armor with a red cape attached, in his gray crown a bladed black horn that enveloped his own.

“20 fluffies have tried to take him, and that many fluffies are dead, it’s time to greet Texas!”

The red fluffy was wearing a leather harness, attached to his front right leg was a miniature airsoft revolver, a cord attached to the trigger resting in his mouth.

“Now here’s the three competitors for who’s the first to die today!
Surviving by pure dumb luck, it’s Friday,”

The diminutive brown and gray unicorn held a snap off knife in its mouth and wore a dirty and battered linen skirt.

“Comet” Said the announcer, obviously not even bothering anymore.

The red and yellow unicorn was missing one of it’s back legs, supported by a metal spike peg, it held a wood bat with rusted nails on it’s mouth.

“And Dandelion.”

Missing an eye, the green and yellow maned pegasus looked small even for a microfluffy.

“The betting period ends as soon as the round starts in ten minutes! But even if you’re just here for the fun, write in the comments who do you think will win this Gauntlet and earn a space. In. Val.Hal.Laaa!!!”

You are Friday, your whole six months of life has been a just a terrible run of bad luck, you don’t know how you’re still alive.

First you get separated from you parents, then the no-smell-pretty-daddy says you’re garbage and throws you in an overcrowded sandbox where the only food you had was hard and yucky kibble, and the water was guarded by older stallions that only let you drink if you let them have poopie-place special-hugs with you.
One time, you couldn’t handle it anymore and bucked the bad fluffy climbing behind you in his head and it left him forever-sleeping, and because of that biggest-daddy said you were a bad fluffy and put you in a even worse place.
It was made of cold metal and the floors had holes all over, the only food there was poop, every fluffy there was a bad fluffy, they would make bad-poopies everywhere and would fight and bite chunks of each other and give bad special hugs.
After many forevers, two daddies threw you all out in another sandbox, but it had a big tower in the middle, you thought it was going to get better, the daddies said they would give water and kibble for every fluffy, and that no one was going to fight for it or they would get biggest-ouches.
You thanked daddy the whole time as you finally ate something that had not come out of another fluffy.
But just the other bright time, loud sky-daddeh voice said that every fluffy had to climb the tower or they would go forever-sleepies, you still had bad night-pictures of that day.

There was hot water being thrown into the sands, the stallions at the edges of the pit were dying from the scorching liquid, or running and trampling others as they screeched and tried to escape, Friday was carried by the sheer momentum of the herd, he saw fluffies stumble and be trampled, he saw confused fluffies running towards the water, their confusion and panic dooming them to a painful death.
Upon reaching the first step of the pyramid his body was thrown into the corner, there he stayed crouched, lying with his belly on the floor, occasionally the straying hoof would hit his back, legs or head, but he was still alive to see the commotion stop once there was no one left to try and climb, he watched from between the other stallion’s legs as a brown fluffy was thrown into the water from above.


The door opens, you’re in one of the entrances, this maze is different, you’ve all been told, there is no dead ends, there is no hidden weapons to find and use, there is no monsters, there is only you and nine other fluffies, and only one will leave.

A large door of yellow bricks greet you, it looks like the temple from one of the previous rounds, you shudder as your mind goes to the Sphinx that lived there, its smile and closed eyes as it smashed fluffies to death with a single powerful paw, it’s impervious white skin that shrugged off every weapon.

You approach the door, the smell of old blood and shit is overwhelming, but you have no option but to enter it. Your mind is overloaded with emotions fluffykind is not meant to have, and has no way to process, your bowels void, your mind reels, your heart quickens with every step, the smells soaks into your bones as you feel the eldritch sensations sinking into every cell of your being.

As you walk the corridors and walk deeper into it’s center, you hear the noise of an impact followed by screams, you head in that direction, biting the handle of your snap-off blade harder, this is the final trial, you slide as many segments out as possible without it becoming a hindrance.

Dandelion is running in circles, he dares not go for an exit, for he would be an easy target.
He is so fast that the gun wielding fluffy has already wasted two bullets, but he is now just waiting for Dandelion to get tired, you decide to silently-

“Fwiend Fwiday pwease hewp fwuffy!”

Texas is startled, but he quickly turns to point his hoof at you, you are already running when his first shot miss your head by a millimeter, the small metal ball clips your left ear, you flinch going deaf from the roaring noise.
The recoil of the gun is immense for a fluffy, Texas leg goes up and he can’t help but close his eyes, butt he would not have seen Dandelion’s kick coming anyway.


“SCREEEEEEEEEEEE” Cries the red fluffy as his special lumps burst under Dandelion’s kick .

Your blade on his throat silences him.

Dandelion is panting, you leave your sorry-stick on the red fluffy’s neck.
You thought about dealing with the smaller fluffy while he is tired, but you decide it’s better to have him help and distract the others, the two of you have no chance in winning against the other fluffies, even the crippled fluffies are stronger than the two you, you have teamed up before, it could work here too.

“Hewwo Dandewion, wanna tea-“
He is so fast…

“Ladies and gentlemen what a surprise! First kill goes to Friday, second kill goes to Dandelion, First to die goes to TEXAS! Looks like some people in chat have just lost a lot of money in the first 5 minutes!”

You are Fantasy, you wait for the door to open, this is your last chance to do what you need to, it was the only reason you’ve volunteered to this bad-games, you’re going to give worstest hurties to the fluffy that make your special friend go forever sleepies.

You came back to your nest with the juicy nummies for your special friend, as you got closer you smelled boo-boo juice, you dropped the nummies and ran, when you got there he was forever-sleeping, his heads crushed inwards, boo-boo and no-no juices coming out of your special friend’s poopie place.

Your screams alerted daddy, he opened the skies and took a look at you and your special friend.

“What the hell! Who’s the little shitrat that did this? Found you! What did I say would happen if any of you hurt another fluffy?

“Niwsun nuh mean tu, buh pwetty stawion make dummeh noisies that huwt heawing pwaceis when giving speshaw-huggies.”

“Don’t care. And you, lemme grab this.”

“Nuh daddie pwese nuh take speshaw fwiend! Nee hugs an wub to get bettew, nuuu-“

Many forevers later the daddies came to ask if any fluffies wanted to go to Valhalla, they said it would be dangerous, that many fluffies would get wostest-huwties and forever sleepies, that there would be all the bad fluffies from jail there too.

“Daddies, daddies, scuse fwuffy, is bad fwuffy Niwsun be dewe?

“Nilsson, this is… T4, yeah if he’s still alive he’s going to be participating too.
“Then Fwuffy wanna go.”

You and the other volunteers were taken to a place the daddies called “training room”, the balls there were heavier than the ones you’re used to, there where many stuffy friends, but the fluffies there were giving them sorry hooves and sorry sticks, there were a lot of weird toys, and the daddies said you had play with them to give ouchies to the stuffy friends, and that if you played well you’d get adopted by a new daddy or mommy, you would get the best toys and food! Some of the fluffies that were there before already had mommies and daddies, you did not understand why they were not with them, but later you would find out they were TV daddies and mommas!
You got a TV daddy after the third bad-game, he gave you a new name and a hurty toy, you do not like giving ouchies to good fluffie, but is that or going forever-sleeping before you even get to see your new daddy.

You’ve seen Nilsson in the bad-games, he is strong, and the Sky-Daddeh says all the TV daddies and mommas love him, but your TV daddy wants him to go forever-sleepies too, so you’ll be sure to give him biggest-ouches for daddy!

The gate opens, you see before you a jungle, it reminds you of the place the flying-stingy-monsters lived, but daddy said there would be no monster today, so you bravely weave between the trees towards the castle house you see ahead of you, you must be quick like TV daddy said and give sneaky hurties to any fluffy that gets there after you do.

You set your hurty toy in your left shoulder so it would not get caught in the trees, you run for some time before you see a red dot in one of the trees ahead of you, you know what it is, you’ve seen it before, you quickly start going left as a stream of small needles each the size of a microfoal impale themselves on a plastic tree, one hits your own plastic armor in the flank as the red dot tries to follow you.
The stream stops, you just keep running.

You finally reach the walls, the castle has only one entrance, but you do not know where it is, you could climb it, but there is water running fast around it, and worse, the whole ground near the walls has no trees, Marine will see you and hit you with his fast-pointy-sticks.

You try circling the walls from the edge of the trees, watching for any red dot.

You hear a noise, and see one of the plastic trees falling, Comet starts dragging the fallen tree towards the water, he has flipped the tree off with his pointy back leg, you watch in amazement as he pushes it over the moat and uses it as a bridge, you grab your sorry-stick in your mouth again and charge, intending on using the bridge and poking him from behind.

You reach him when he’s just gotten on the other side, but before you can use your pointy needle, he whips around using his own sorry-stick to hit the makeshift bridge, he yelps in surprise at seeing you there, but the strike still sends you with the tree into the running water, as you’re dragged by the current, you see a red dot on his head before it gets peppered by needles.
You bit your needle’s handle hard as you flail around trying to keep your head above the water.

Comet screams, his whole face is pierced by headless nails, the 1cm spikes fracture his skull, unfortunately for him none has hit his eyes and burrowed into his brain, he screams and shakes his head in pain, he does not want to die, he tries to keep going, he turns around and using his sharp peg leg he pierces the cardboard walls and climbs them, as he reaches the top and jumps inside, he walks for just a second before feeling an impact hit him like a cannon ball, he only feels the pain after he is on his back.

Sombra was waiting inside the castle, he charges the wounded fluffy and hits it from the side, his obsidian scalpel-clad horn slicing his foe almost in half, opening his belly and severing his spine as the head-butt flips him on his back, guts spilling out as he suffered for the entertainment of the masses.

You’re Rose, you’re the prettiest fluffy to ever live.
Your TV mommy said so, and mommy is always right! You’ve trained since you were a talking baby, heavy ball pushing , colored number blockies, beep-touchie games and hurty games.
Your mommy was so proud of how good you were she even gave you a pretty no-leggies enfie mare to have special hugs with. She loved when you had special hugs, she would say how good you are at giving the bestest special hugs and how she loved you for being such a good smarty fluffy!

The other dummy fluffies don’t have a chance, they want to go to Valhalla, bleh you don’t care about that dummy place, it may be all shiny and filled with toys and nummies, but once you win, the meanie daddies will have to let you go live with mommy, and you would finally get all of mommy’s hugs, she would give you all the enfie mares, toys and sketties you’d ever want, and you’d give her all the hugs and love she deserves!

The door opens, you look ahead and see a lot of water.
There are a lot of boats around, and you remember the worst bright time of your life, the boat and boom-boom game, that was the only time you ever got scared, there was fire everywhere, fluffies poofing into pink mist, boats breaking and drowning dozens of fluffies at once, even mommy said she had been scared.

You have to force yourself to walk ahead, it looks like every boat is connected to two others by string bridges, at least the boats are not moving this time.

You drop your hurty-toy and climb into the top of the big stick of the first boat, from there you see the two other fluffies moving, poopies, it’s Nilsson and Red Line.

Did they put the two worstest fluffies near you on purpose? Of course, they did, the meanie daddies did not want you to live with mommy.

You will just have to get the two to fight each other before you fight them, you look at the paths and try to memorize it.

Going down is easier, you’re already running when you touch the floor and bite down the rubber handle, you run ahead without even looking, you go to the right, them left, right, you jump down in between two bridges and fall into a hidden path that leads to the inside of the ship in front of it, you climb the steps inside the ship to the outside, you go right, right again.

You look behind, the two dummies are behind you now, you grab your blade and cut the bridges leading to the entrance of the castle.

Red Line looks at you with puffed cheeks.

pbbbt Gud wuck geding hewe now dummy fwuffies.”

You decide to watch the fight as you see Nilsson approach.

It looked as if the big fluffy would charge into Red Line, the white fluffy tried to step away and let Nilsson fall into the water, but the yellow fluffy bucked the ground at an angle and launched itself into Red Line while he was turning, iron hooves clashing with the cripple’s bladed vambraces and catching them between him and the wooden floor, the yellow furball lowered his head and used his hard helmet to deliver a crushing head-butt to his foe’s head, he proceeded to repeatedly slam his armored face into his opponent’s head until the soft cranium gave.

He keeps looking straight at you while throwing the pooping and pissing derped fluffy into the water and backing off to the opposite corner of the boat.

You make scaredy-poopies and run inside.

You’re being dragged by the water for what feels like forever, but with your needle in your mouth you do not swallow any water, and the soft rubber helps your nose float above the water as your fur drags your body down. The river eventually leads to you to a cave where your hooves touch the ground, you manage to get out and shake yourself before you die from the cold.

You see yellow brick stairs going up from the cave, as you finish your climb you get inside a yellow brick corridor that reminds you of the Sphinx house, from behind you comes the smell of fresh boo-boo juice and poop, you decide to check it before going to the center.

You see a circular chamber, the Texas and Friday are there, both have their necks open, red and wet hoof prints leading further inside the maze.

Texas boom-boom-sticks is still in his arms, you remember the big-daddy explanation during training, you check inside, there are 3 balls remaining, you push off the magnet thingie that clips the hoof guard to his harness and slip it in your own leg.

You follow the trail of boo-boo juice and poopies.

You’re Sombra, you rush inside the castle, and run through it’s corridors.

Your TV daddy said there would be traps, so you look carefully for anything in the walls or floor, two times you jumped over pits due to the stone of the floor changing, three times have you clung to the sides of the corridor due to seeing holes on one side of the ceiling, you stop in your tracks due to smelling boo-boo juice.

You follow the path to the right, as soon as you reach the opening the smell comes from, you make a quick one eyed check, you think you saw a fluffy on the floor, you look again quickly, there is really a fluffy there.

You put you head again for a longer look, it’s Dandelion, one of the bad fluffies, he has boo-boo juice all over his mouth, he’s laying on the ground with his lost eyes pointing to the ceiling, near him it’s Friday’s sorry-stick, the path behind him has red hoof prints on it, his own judging from the size.

If you put your head inside to check your horn will give you away, so you decide run inside quickly and use Dandelion forever-sleeping form as shield in case Texas or Marine are in there, just like you’ve seen Nilsson do once.

You sprint right at the laying down fluffy without sparing a look, your neck goes down as you turn behind as fast as you can to give the sleeping fluffy bad upsies by the mane, your horn finds his stomach instead as he got up and grabbed the wet sorry-stick.


He was not forever-sleeping, he was pretending, your horn cuts him and he starts flailing his limbs and screaming, you lose your balance and fall, he hits you in the muzzle before you can push him back, he sprawls on the floor, tummy and chest open wide.



You feel your hips bruising as you’re hit in the hindquarters, your thick red cape softening what would otherwise be a broken bone into a fracture.
You try to get up and move, you slip in tummy-sketties.


You finally get up, run back to the path you came from, running hurts, you have to make it out of the castle.

You’re Rose, your plan to deal with Nilsson is to let him tire himself out on the others or get hurt by a trap, and so you go to the sides before going deeper into the castle, you hide near the entrance and watch as that monster fluffy run ahead.

You dodge a few traps, and eventually reach what appears to be a large entrance room, outside the wide double doors you see the top of a trees behind walls, you decide it’s time to walk deeper into the castle.
You hear echoes of screams of pain, as you go in the direction of the sounds to finish off the weakened winning fluffy, you notice you’re not the only one to have this idea as you see Marine running out of a corridor in front of you and into the conflict, you grasp your sharpie-toy into your mouth, silently following the brute ahead of you.

You regret taking the boom-boom-stick, you’ve used it by accident after a scream startled you, now your front leggie don’t feel pretty.

You grab your pointy-stick in your mouth and run ahead, the boom-boom string dangling, you pass over the screaming dancing Dandelion as you keep following the boo-boo hoof prints until you reach the outside.


You finally reached the outside, the bright light hurts your eyes for a moment, but the feeling of open space feels incredible. You feel invincible until you see the big fluffy running at you from another door, you run towards the housies, you want to hide and catch the other from behind with your horn, that’s what TV daddy said to do.
As you run, the brightness of day did not allow you to see the red laser you just passed through.

All around you the cardboard buildings explode and catch fire.


You’ve reached the exit, you take your time getting used to the bright light, you see HIM running after another fluffy, you give pursuit, you MUST give him the sorry-stick.

When you’re almost going to reach him, the world turns red, you stop in your tracks, startled by the noise, Nilsson keeps running.

You see Sombra come rushing out from the flames, you rein in your fears and rush ahead, Sombra tries to run to the side of the bigger fluffy, but Nilsson leaps, his outstretched front hooves hitting Sombra’s horn, metal on glass, the brittle surgical instrument shatters, the stallion wearing it falls to the side, unharmed but stunned, you’re there before your hated foe can finish off the black fluffy, one side of your needle hits a raised metal boot and bends, a red dot appears between you and Nilsson, you scuttle backwards as the pins start burrowing into the foam flooring and them the sides of Nilsson’s legs and torso, his fat and muscles offering little protection, the fluffy does not react other than simply moving sideways.

Sombra has gotten up, he ran from the sidelines to the direction of Marine, as the green fluffy kept his eyes on the bigger threat.
The jagged broken bits of volcanic glass still on the base of his head hitting the other fluffy in the torso as the tackle sends him sprawling on his back, the firing switch still pressed, needles firing on the air preventing Sombra from stomping on the fallen fluffy’s stomach.

Nilsson runs limping towards the fight even as one of his leg burns with pain, you follow behind.

You see the big fluffy grabbing marine by the tail, he rears on his back legs and spin, hitting a panicked Sombra with the green fluffy’s body, a wild nail hits your front leg holding Texas’ boom-boom, you tumble to the ground and bite your tongue, your mouth fills with boo-boo juice.
You raise your head in time to see Nilsson whip around and throw Marine into the burning cardboard, his screams muffled by his helmet as the burning fluffy tries to waddle out of the fire, his back broken beyond help.

Sombra gets up in time for two armored hooves to connect with his back, all he can do is scream.
You pick the boom-boom string in your mouth, moving your pierced leg in the direction of the bigger fluffy.


The roar of the heated gas canisters exploding startles you, and overshadows the noise of the airsoft revolver, the shot goes wild and your wounded leg is almost dislocated by the recoil you where not prepared for.

You stand in three legs and grab your needle from the ground, but as you raise your head, you see Nilsson raised on his back legs, you’re back on the ground as the head-butt hits your helmet, your teeth sink into the soft rubber of your needles handle, you can’t even scream as you feel the needle still stuck on your hindquarter’s plastic plate be driven deep by the stallion’s boots.

You feel the wet metal touch your fluff as Nilsson lifts your armored skirt from behind, you cry, you try to scream and run, but the weight of the heavy stallion on your back pins you to the ground.
You feel his no-no enter you, this is wrong, this feels terrible, it’s worse than the needles in your legs, special-hugs are for fluffies that love each other.

enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf

This is the monster fluffy that gave you special friend forever sleepies, he did the same thing to him that he is doing now, realizing this is what he felt back then makes your sadness even worse.

“GUUD FEEWS GUUD FEEWS” You hear as you feel no-no juice flood your stomach.


You’re the bestest smarties fluffy ever! But even you could not believe how you’re also the luckiest fluffy too! The dummy monster fluffy forgot about you and started having special hugs with the dummy gray fluffy, since he was being such a nice fluffy, you even let him finish his special hugs before you run past him, hitting his throat with your hurty-toy.

”ggrrgl ggrrgl ggrrgl” you hear the fat fluffy make as he falls on his side, plenty of boo-boo water leaving his cut neck.

“Hewwo fwiend.” You hear no answer, you notice the sorry-stick in his mouth and you try to bat it away, but he is biting down hard, so you kick his mouth until the rubber handle goes flying together with his teeth.

“Wostest-huwties, nee huggies, huuuu.”

You grab him by his short tail as you start to drag him to the middle, you walk past Sombra, his back and neck sunk into his body, you pass by the head and helmet of Marine, his body torn apart by the explosion, crossing the burnt path towards the middle of the city.


As Rose leisurely walks towards the sandbox, the winner has already been declared, the killcam replays being commented on, the prize pool to the sponsor of the winner already deposited into the champion owner’s account, the bets already paid by the automated system, the cut for your team ready to be split between you.

You wait to see what the winning fluffy is going to do.


You remember what mommy said, as you reached the sand box, you drag the dummy fluffy by his tail, the short hairs between your teeth and the handle in your mouth.

You flip him on his back what you best can say it’s the middle of the arena, you press the edge against his throat as he keeps crying and begging as you press down with your hooves.
You leave the toy there, grabbing his helmeted head and raising it above you with your hooves, his boo-boo juice falls into your open mouth.

The taste is terrible and you want to make sick water, but you do it for mommy.


Rose reaches his mommy’s house two days after winning.
He got to live in luxury, his aquarium sized habitat had rows and rows of enfie mares of every color and type, he even had three winged-pointy-monster mares he could hit before giving bad special hugs.
He had five special friends he could talk, hug, play and make babies, he got to keep the babies until they got big and mommy took them to have other mommies and daddies, he ate sketti every time he wanted to, his poopie-enfie-mares always there always there to give licky cleanies and them special hugs, even if he had to hit them to make them stop crying when he did so.

And most important of all, his momma loved him, she hugged him she would always take him with her to make her company when she read or watched movies, she let him sleep in her squishy-squishies, and would never get angry at him. The only complaint he had is that she would put something on his poopie place when she took him out of his habitat, he would always remind her that “poopie pwace am fow making poopies siwwy mummah.” But she’d never listen to him and he’d always forget about it as soon as kissed his head after she was done preparing him.


5 years later Rose was laying down on a warm pillow on his owner’s bed, the woman running fingers through his mane, as he smiled and closed his eyes, she cried, hearing the last words of the now white maned elderly microfluffy, as he drifted into sleep, his breathing stopping as he died of old age.

“Wub you mummah, gud night.”


Oh, this was a good read! At first I thought there was going to be a surprise where the Winner gets no happy family and a broken heart after all this suffering. Failing that, I figured the underdog not bad fluffy would win.

The fact that the Smarty won, I actually was rooting for Rose. I am glad there was not an underdog winning (Its a stereotype…) and good fluffies getting rewarded ending. Thank you for writing this, it is a fun read!