Fluffy sheet 1 (idk what to call it) [Malicious]

Text (If you cant read it)
○ — Larger than Pegasi
○ — Built densely
○ — Muted/Pastel coat
○ — Most seen in herds as toughie or Soon-Mummah


Not bad, welcome to the site

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If it can have a muted or pastel coat, doesn’t that mean it can be any color?

Anyway, very neat and welcome to the community! Do you have any way to turn the image so it’s flipped properly?

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  1. It’s either or, so no neon yellows or blood reds. Light shades of colors and grayer tones are the average coat shade.

  2. I do, but the picture would we FAR lower quality. I’ll start looking for a solution soon, but so far this looked the best to me.

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