Fluffy Sounds

As I’ve read many comics and stories here I always had the lingering wonder what everone thought fluffies sounded like. When baby foals are chirping do they sound like birds or mothers when cooing like an owl. Kinda curious on anyones thoughts or if they have examples of sounds they think fluffies sound like! Also my first post here if I need to retag anything please tell me!


I guess it depends on the headcanon. I personally hear the “coo” as just a generic noise you’d make to a baby or a puppy, and the chirping as little baby bird noises. It just depends on how you imagine it, I guess.

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I think of foal chirps sounding like Guinea Pig noises but louder, with it speeding up if they are distressed or scared.


Who said anything about birds?


Damn, that’s a really good one

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This is probably heretical to say, but I got into these weird little horses because of the gayroomate dubs I found on YouTube. That has largely influenced how I think fluffies sound.



This is what i think the foals sound like


For mine. Foals chirp like bats.

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Hey, welcome!

There’s some great sounds in this thread. I picture them chirping like baby birds, personally. Problem is, chick chirps are too high pitched. Drop that sound a little deeper and that’s more in line with my auditory hallucinations.


Same here, they are actually how I found is a fluffy community so I literally cannot read anything without hearing them. Especially when I read a death in Wilmington.


Not even the controversy, I just couldn’t get behind that as the voices.

They need some variation, hers all just sound like a tiny infant. Like an early flash animation voice, the kind of stuff that inspired Happy Tree Friends.

I picture something more like the soft tones 80’s kids cartoons had. Where every character’s voice is softened, almost a coo or a yawn. Like Barney characters, or how Mark Hamill voiced the fairy from Wizards.
The nastier the personality, the higher pitched and faster they speak like they have too much aggression pressuring their small mouth forcing it into a whine.


Fluffy Smurfy

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