Fluffy Style Test (By: Jejjick)

Hey y’all, I’m very much new to the whole fluffy community (first time ever actually posting) so I felt like trying my hand at seeing how they’d look in my style. It’s a bit sloppy but I just kinda wanted to get a general feel for how to draw them and see what stylistic features I like best.

Any suggestions or notes are much appreciated, just testing the waters a bit with this.
(Had to reupload because I somehow forgot to attach the image the first time lol)


They look great so far! The mare’s teats might drag the floor but that’s not unrealistic. Especially for such fat creatures with such stubby legs.


Ah yes, that does the trick. Can virtually hear the shrill confrontations about who makes the best poopies.
Ferals, I take it?

Thank you, I actually considered removing the visible teats in this one but left them for extra clarity on it being a mare. Going forward they wouldn’t be positioned as such lol.

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I think if the breasts trip you up,having a mare being defined with typically more feminine hair and eyelashes would be enough for people to be able to tell the gender.
Your style is cute,I like their snouts and how the front legs attach and make a “shoulder”.


Not remotely imo, they look great. Better than I could do in years.

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These look adorably silly! The happy faces and plump bodies are perfect for all sorts of fluffy hijinks! :blush:

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danm they look good!!

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Great designs!