Fluffy sueters (Artist: Osaka)



Tried translating the first panel and failed the Fluffyspeak.
All i got was “The fluffy time has come, say goodbye to your hair…”


Hahahahaaaa! They laughed at the sweaters, made.fun of them… Who’s the idiots now? The frozen dead shitrats!! Ahhh Karma met.


i want 2 know how they accually made the sweaters seeing as isnt the fur on a fluffy 2 short 2 make thread or yarn?


Jajajaja debo decir que el final me tomó por sorpresa xD literal hechos paleta, eso fue inesperado xd 12/10

Don’t really need this needs a translation since it pretty much speak for itself but well, here we go:

-It’s time Fluffo. Say goodbye to your fluff.
-Nuuu daddeh! Nu wan fwuff gu 'way huu huu…

-Oh shut it! You knew it was comming, now stay still!!
-Huu huu nuuu, nu wan! Nu wan!
-Fwuffy get daddeh wowk ou get wowstest cutties! (huwties)

-Daddeh tak aww poopie fwuffies fwuff!!
-Huuu… otay, fwuffy stwong!

  • huu huu… miss fwuff… sniff sniff
    -Shut up or I’ll skin you!
    -Next fwuffy! Daddeh huwwies!

Somewhere else:
-Huuu cowdie time scawy… hewp soon mummah.
-Fwuffy foun’ safe pwace bu’ cowdies time commin’ cowdies giv foweva sweppies to mummah an’ bwuddahs. (siblings in general actually)

-Just what I was looking for…
-Nyu daddeh?
-Mistah am nice mistah?
-Oh, sure I am! I here to make a deal.

-Ugwy cowow…
-You just have to wear this clothes I designed and made myself.
-Poopie cwothes?

-Huuu, nu wike. Nuuuu!
-Shut up or I’ll make you a cheems! (sorry, don’t know if the meme or what lol)
-Nuuu! nu wan shem!!

-Uhuhu doomie fwuffy am poopie fwuffy nao! Uhuhuhu ugwy poopie!
-Hio hio hio, nao poopie fwuffy’s speciaw fwiend nu giv speciaw huggies and nu hav sketties fow be poopie fwuffy! JIO JIO JIO!!
-Nice mistah said poopie cwothies gud and giv sketties when mistah back.
-Dammit! My clothes are gone!
-Miwkie time, babbehs… coo coo
-I love this part.
-Wo-wowstes cowdies, miss speciaw fwiend; babbehs, giv daddeh huggies!!
(Those foals killed me, lol)


Uuuy carnal creo que no se va a poder


Ok, I understood nothing but for the two little foals in ice cube, I liked it :v


Oooooohhhhh! He shaved his fluffies to make sweaters for the poor alley fluffies!

And the bad alley fluffies made fun of the Poopie colored sweaters, but then they froze to death whereas the sweater fluffs lived on… And now the shaved fluffies get to live in the heat indoors…

That is the cutest hugbox/sadbox story… Which also fits moron box and abuse too… I FRIGGIN LUV IT!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::wink:


Love the green lantern shirt man they get creative getting those and a pants :sweat_smile: instant karma indeed to those other shitrats popsicles!

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