Fluffy Tarot I (That Welc)



Spwowin babbeh!


In time we’re going to wind up with a full deck of fluffy tarot cards.
(and I consider that a great thing)


Yes! I’m glad to see someone elses take on Fluffy Tarot.


I feel inspired to do some cards later too thanks
btw the tower is really funny xD


Hmmm, maybe it could be a site product.

Select different authors and styles to represent various cards but put them all together in a Fluffy community deck?


Low volume tarot prints can be had for as little as 21.50 per deck, less based off print runs of more than 5.

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interesting take on the fool card, im much more used to the “person walking near a cliff” version of the card


Welllllll, a young inexperienced lad going on a perhaps inadvisable journey seemed broad enough to warrant a little fun.

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The Fool: All journeys forward are taken with a single step. The Fool has just begun to take his journey and he starts it without any care about where he’s actually going. He is excited, but you can clearly see that he’s not really all that prepared. It is stupid, but he is so optimistic that you cannot help smiling at him. The journey of the Fool is long, and it is arduous, but he is taking it of his own volition.

Upright: The start of a journey, beginnings, inexperience, blind faith, improvisation, laid-back, and optimism.
Reversed: Recklessness, risk-taking, fear of the unknown, personal liberation.

The Tower: Great calamity, the heavens drop down a thunderbolt that tears apart his tower. Unable to safely escape, he plummets down along with all the debris. It is the scariest card to get, because it implies that your world is going to be turned upside down. A great event will come, and it shall utterly annihilate what you gave you security and comfort.

Yet, it also embodies liberation in that it will utterly remove everything that held you back. For better or worse, it will strip out your security, but you will still live. And in that, you can create something entirely new with nothing to restrain you. Destruction and creation are two sides of the same coin, and in that chaos you are free to do what you wish.

Upright: Complete destruction of your foundation, crisis, catastrophe, danger, liberation, and unforeseen danger.
Reversed: Fear of change, personal transformation, escaping disaster, and planning ahead.

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