Fluffy type?

What would a Changeling fluffy be like? Here are my two ideas.

They are just normal fluffies. I would think of them being like chameleons and that they would only change their fur and eyes maybe. They can’t change their physical form.
I would think that their true form would have their fur and hair be translucent.
The chance of Earthie, Pegasus, unicorn, and Alicorn are similar to regular fluffies.

More MLP Like:
The fluffies have the same design as MLP changelings. They have black, furless exteriors, webbed manes and tails, blue non-reflective eyes, fangs, bent horns, jagged ears, and insect-like wings.
They can change everything. They can grow fur of any color and length and texture, their eye colors and shape, change their gender, and even their species and breeds.
Changelings all only have horns and wings.

What are your changeling fluffy ideas and Headcanons? I’m curious to know.


A blob that needs to be loved, it changes its appearance in hopes of finding love. But it obsesses over finding love, never content always searching it terrifies those who would live it with its ever-changing exterior. Always changing, never happy.


I always thought they’d be a fluffy with a certain fur type, like silk rather than fluff. Also they’d have a pattern similar to dappling.

In the end, they’d be no different than regular fluffies but that doesn’t stop pet stores from upselling them at 500× the price


Stick with the first idea, it fits better for their genetic makeup since they’re chimeras. Give them genes to alter pigmentation like chameleons, cuttlefish and other aquatic cephalopods to bolster the inherent ability.

A feral changeling would be much more likely to avoid notice since they would be able to mimic patterns in foliage and (depending on their ability to stay quiet) could avoid capture.

That’s more of a smarty tactic though and your average idiot fluffy would likely give itself away from the noxious odors they tend to carry, and brown stains that don’t change with the rest of the fluff.


…let them spit digestive acid on fluffies and/or people to melt them down to an enzime so they can be eaten by this creature… Good stuff there.


My headcanon would be that they just look like changelings from the show - except in weirdbox where they also function similarly. The idea of color-changing fluffies is really clever though. :blush:


Could easily be that HasBio trying to create the former as another kinda of gimmick breed to boost sales, maybe some sort of “mood ring” or “every color” fluffy, but the later is what they ended up with. Maybe the genome was too unstable or they added too much octopus DNA, but for what ever reason these “changelings” can alter their appearance completely kinda like the alien organism from the Thing. Maybe just like in the show they feed off emotions, but not some nebulous magical feeding off of love thing, rather they feed off of endorphins and other chemicals responsible for emotional signals in the brain by piercing the skull with their fangs/tongues.
Just an idea there.

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