Fluffy Vidya Madness (Ace)

Popcorn trotted around her saferoom, though there was only one thing in particular she wanted to do: Get on the newest in videogame consoles for fluffies, the Fluffstation 5. The yellow and white mare was incredibly spoiled. Her saferoom had no shortage of toys, food, things to lay on, a subscription to FluffTV+. Oh, and and she also had a few foals. They were talkie-babbehs but to be honest they were kind of just a distraction and slightly annoying.

“Mummah pwease stahp pwayin’ teebee. Babbehs ‘nee nummies.” Said one of the three foals, a little purple filly named Currant. The mare had plopped her fat ass in front of the controller that made the Fluffstation 5 work, said controller only having three buttons which was quite a lot for fluffies. Popcorn shoved a hoof out at her baby to make her go away.

“Nu! Mummah am pway Bestest Mummah!” She said, already loading the game up. Everything was simplified to be understandable even to fluffies. The ‘cutting edge graphics’ that Hasbio touted on all their commercials amounted to free assets and 3D models that constantly clipped.

Popcorn’s favorite game was, of course, Bestest Mummah. The objective was simple. There were crying foals and you pressed one of the three buttons to give them miwkies. Which button? They all did the same thing. As the crying foals loaded in, she slapped a hoof down on the gamepad.




Said the booming voice of an announcer as sparkles and cool sounds effects played. It was just slightly above dangling shiny keys in front of a particularly stupid child.

“Teehee…mumma wub babbehs, babbehs wub mummah…” She sang to the dead-eyed 3D foal models on screen as little pink hearts popped up above their head. One of her actual real foals tried to get her attention by doing a little dance. The orange colt wiggle-waggled around.

“Wook mummah! Newf am dancie-babbeh!” This almost caused her to not give milkies to one of the virtual babies on time. Popcorn slapped a hoof out at her real foal, causing him to sprawl out on the floor with an incredibly hurt expression.

“M-Mummah…meanie munstah mummah…!” He whimpered as the mare flared her nostrils at him. Leaving her alone for now, the mummah continued to stare up at the screen as her hoof popped down on the controller. More and more hearts filled the screen. Satisfied babbehs thanking her for all her hard work. There were so many babbehs on screen now that it was taking all her focus!

Suddenly, she felt a pulling at her teats. Looking down, she saw Currant and her brown filly, Bonnet, stealing miwkies. More than that, they were distracting her from the vidya game! The mare tipped forward, backwards, and then rocked all the way down so she squished the foals down. This was more comfortable anyways. They were squeaking and twitching underneath her but at least she could more easily hit the buttons this way. Nerf, the last remaining foal, watched in horror as a puddle of booboo wawas spread out underneath her.

Jennifer had just gotten home from work. She could already hear Popcorn on her game, the fluffy having jacked the volume up so loudly that such proclamations as ‘MIWKY MADNESS’ and ‘BESTEST MUMMAH EVER’ boomed through the house. Well, she’d been on that thing a bit too much lately anyways. She needed to spend more time with her real foals, not those digital ones. The young woman made her way to the saferoom and got a look at the horror within.

Popcorn hadn’t moved since she’d flopped down on her two babies. Their limbs stick out from her sides, and blood had dried against her as she lay. The mare hadn’t moved once since starting her videogame session and a pile of poopies & peepees had piled out around her. Nerf sat in a pile of toys, crying and clearly suffering from starvation and fear.

“Popcorn!? What the FUCK!?” Jennifer asked, knocking down the baby gate blocking off the saferoom. The mare didn’t stop clicking a hoof down on the game pad, staring at the screen. Turning off the videogame, Popcorn just sat there for a long moment. Bloodshot eyes growing wide.

“HAE’CHU MUMMAH! POPCOWN HAE’CHU! AM BESTEST MUMMAH GIB GAMESIE BACK NAOW NAOW NAOW NAOW!” She screeched and violently vibrated with the absolute force of her fury.

Jennifer hauled the mare up by her mane, the fluffy squealing and kicking her legs around.

“O-Oh my god…Currant, Bonnet…you sweet little babies…” The woman groaned, having to peel the flattened corpses of the foals from off their mother.


Popcorn didn’t play videogames anymore. In fact, she didn’t do much in the way of entertaining herself. The mare had been pillowed, blinded, and deafened. These days she sat in her saferoom full of wonderful things, so many treats and fun toys, in a perfect veil of silent darkness. It used to be that Nerf would give her huggies and offer her the only stimuli she could get. Now he had forgotten her like an old toy. The mare existed in an old, unused corner of the room. Junk had surrounded her like a wall. Spiders crawled on her in the darkness and the only interaction she got was when he littertray was changed out or mummah gave her more food. Cobwebs grew over her and all she could do was give sad ‘huuhuus’.


This reminds me of the “child dead as mother neglects it for mmo!” news stories. Great work!


That’s kind of what the inspiration from it came from. Particularly a case where two south koreans neglected their child to death in favor of a virtual child.


Popcorn’s Ending: Nerf or Nothin’



I just wasn’t sure if that was a thing or something I confabulated due to quality of story and other similar news reports.

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This is some shit that meatwad would be playing on the atari 2600 right before master shake tries to cut him in half with a sword




Amazing. Idk how you shit gold constantly.


I love the idea that fluffies can be completely hypnotized by the simplest things