Fluffy wings at GFC. (by: artist-kun)


That would be like popcorn or crunchy deep fried chippies.


Oh come on, I had this idea about fried pegasus wings just yesterday!


too slow :v

What does the “C” stand for?

(In my timeline KFFC specializes in fried chicken and fried foal. Leggie strips are really popular.)

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“dude tack us some ware nice not a place that give shitrats in a bucket”

“shut up dude i have to eat here or the ghost of my grandfather will kill me and everyone i love”

What age would the wings be harvested? I figure newborn pegasi foal wings would be too small, and I follow the headcanon of someone who reckoned that foal bones calcified/hardened at three weeks, though there could be some method for de-boning wings or they soften with cooking so that you aren’t eating a mouthful of splinters.

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Kentucky fried dinerrrr

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Damn it! Now I want some KFC.

Kentucky Friend Scootaloo.

I looked at that and I was like
“Oh no, fluffiesarefood is gonna see that an”
too late
well… leave some for me please

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I like it big~ I like em crunchy~

Joyfully listening to the screees and huhus as I eat their tiny wings in front of them. Delicious!

mmmm delicious