Fluffy wizard 2 (7svendye)

After dealing with the smarty and his herd the wizard was walking to his workshop within his crapy trailer. The guy just wanted to enjoy some TV and maybe get hammered again, but NOOOO he had to deal with fluffies. God dame Hasbio messing with life by using science, Have movies taught these idiots not to mess with nature.


Back in his clean room, the wizard dropped the fluffy mare back first on his workshop bench. Grabbing a nearby basket and prepping some towels, the wizard deals with the mare’s unborn foals. See folks the wizard is lazy and does not want to deal with the crap that makes him do things, he is no monster. As a wizard his father taught him to respect all life even fluffies, these creatures may be artificial, but they were alive in the eyes of the magic community.

“Watch ya self-love you may feel a slight discomfort”

The mare could only struggle and scream more at what the munster hoomen would do to her. Raising the weird sorry stick again the mare could only cry and scream at what the hoomen was doing.


A beam of light hit the cotton candy mare, frozen in fear the mare saw that her belly was getting bigger. She felt her body begin to feel heavy, no doubt at the same time of heaviness that a soon mama gets when her babies make it difficult for her to walk, she also saw that her milkie place was also getting bigger. She then felt her tummy churn and move, the mare was scared and worried about what was happening and it dawned on her that her babies were coming.

“NUUUU!!!, babhies nu come out of mama tummy nu am weady!!!”



Feeling the contraction the candy-colored mare could feel her babies come out of her baby place. Remembering when a dummy ugly mare who had babies, but lost them when her special friend gave her sorry hoofsies that caused her to lose her babies who were pink undeveloped mess. She could only shed tears on losing her pretty babies.

peep cheep peep cheep

The mare opened her eyes in shock as she heard the sounds of peeps and chirps.

“babhie nu am forever sweepie…mak chirpy?”

In the towl basket the wizard saw covered a dark blue chirpy foal, peeping and chirping for his mama.

“welcome to life little guy, it sucks but doesn’t suck too much”

“pwase nice misster mama nee gib weekie cweanies”

I cast silence

A zipper appears on the mouth of the mare as the only noise she could make were muffled grunts and cries. She then feels more of her babies come out of her as she could only cry in pain but could not make a single noise as she felt her contraction. Each time she felt something come out of her, she felt as if she was going to splint in half. After what felt like forever she was finally done.


Ignoring the muffled cries of the mare the Wizard using a jar was bottling up the mares after birth and going over the newborn fluffies. Besides the dark blue foal the man saw two red foals, one dark red with a horn and the other a light shade of red cuddling no extras next to each other as the cried for their mama, next to them was a very white foal that made the lazy man a bit curious, next to them is a fluffy that had the same cotton candy fluff but it is the blue kind and saw that the foal had a small indent on her tummy, a bowl fluffy, the next foal that the lazy magic caster saw would have no doubt been labeled as the poopie babby as the foal was a light brown fluff with little wings, if he was being honest the brown was a very light color almost reddish, if he had to say it was a cooper color, and last but not least was the last foal which was a light black color that had both wings and a horn an alicorn.

“Well little beans let see how your mum reacts to ya huh”

With a gesture with his hands the man allows the mare to talk and gave her back her butthole, trusting the fact that she was too weak to give sorry poopies.

“new…daddhie…wet mama see babbhies? mama wan gib weakie cweanies to pwetty babbhies…”

The lazy mage then showed the foals to their mama, it was then all life returned to her as she could only stare and gasp in horror.

"NUUUUUU, mama wan pwetty babbhies nu wan uwgy, dummy and mun-HMFFFPFP!?!?!

The Mage then put the spell back on the mare. A tired look on his face as he was hoping that maybe a mother’s instinct would set in on the mare, but it seems that BMS would ruin every thing.

“Right then”




“I know beans, jus give me a sec”

Taking the newborns to a doll that was in the shape of a bear with button eyes that was standing on its own, the mage then pressed it stomach as the light appeared in it button eyes.

“Poco, clean the new bloods while I deal with a bad mama”

Giving a salute, the bear then began to clean the foals with a Moist towel provided by his master.

The mage returned to where he left the BMS mare, who pooped on his floor after he walked away from her. Seeing the poop on his floor the mage then sighed and snapped his fingers as the poop was covered in a blue flame that was disintegrating the poop. Grabbing a small stone-like object the mage then jammed the talisman into her anus.


“Quiet love I’m working”

Grabbing another contraption that anyone could recognize as a Hasbio auto milker and feeder. Attaching the cups on her teets he then activated and began to milk her as she could only cry in pain and anger at the man who was stealing her milk. After taking every last drop with the auto feeder the man knew what had to be done. With his mighty staff, the wizard began to cast another spell.


The mare then felt her bones go limp even though she was strapped to a table she felt as if she lost all control of he legs. In muffled cries and fear the mare realized that the munster had taken away her legs.

With the job done the wizard then took the milk to the newborns. The mage saw that Poco was comforting the foals after cleaning them, he then set the feeder nearby. Smelling the sweet, sweet milkies the foals then scooted themselves to the feeder. Seeing the foals eat the wizard then went to a nearby chest and upon opening it saw the mess of keys.

“shite, were did I…no…no…no…were is…aw there it is”

The man then pulled out a key with a fluffy shape ornament on the top. Going to the door of his room the mage then stuck the key in the keyhole of his room. With a turn a light then seeped out of the cracks. Openig the door the man was greeted by a very pink world filed with all kinds of toys, soft beds, green grass, stuffed animals like Poco who were grooming two adult fluffies. These two adults were in very bad shape when the wizard had found them, but now they were healthy and happy. A sun flower colored mare covered in all types of scares and was missing a left eye and her teets were comforting two foals who were eating from an auto feeder, the foals were in their talky phase one was a pink filly enjoying the sounds of the mama song while the other was a colt who was a light green and was a pegasus who was missing his right wing, watching over them was a blind station who was a deep gray color as he was basking in the magical sun that was in their magic safe room. The mare then saw the white hair lazy mage as she looked in pure joy.

“YAY!!! daddhie am here, pway wid sunny and twooper an babbhies”

“wingy babhie wan pway wid dadhie”

“babbhie can hab upsie dadhie?”

“Sorry guys maybe later”


Seeing the crest fallen fluffies the mage could only sigh and rub his face with his hands. He then felt something rubbing his leg as he saw trooper rubbing his legs and turned his blind eyes to his care giver.

“dadhie nu hab tu pway can stay an watch famiwy pway”

“ok bud, but that not why I’m here”

Gesturing Poco to come in carrying the basket of the newborn foals, the two fluffies and their talky babbies smelled the newb fluffies. Running to the basket the small family saw [minus trooper] the chirpy babies sleeping peacefully.

“Now guys I need you to watch over these new babbhies, their mom was a bad mom so that means these little beans need a good family to love them”

"Otay daddhie sunny an twooper watch ober new babbhie gib wots of wub an huggies nu more heart hurties.

“YAY!!! hab new bwudda an sisie”

“Gib huggies”

Tropper did not voice his opinion, as he only listened to his family welcoming the new additions.

“Daddhie tak meany mama tu…sowwy woom…”

“Yeah bud, but I’ll have Poco take her, I’ll just chill with you guys in your safe room”


Gesturing Poco to deal with the BMS mare, the bear then saluted and ran out of the magic safe room. Closing the door, the bear then went to the key box and pulled a black key. Grabbing his Stepping stool, the golem teddy bear then stuck the key in the key hole, as a simmiler light began to pour out of the room. Opening the door, the bear saw a bearly lit room, and other stuff animals like him at work. in special straps were all kinds of fluffy mares of a different color as they were being milked by a special milking machine. Each mare’s legs hung uselessly similar to that of the cotton candy mare. Moving his stool again to the workshop table the Bear then began to unstrap the mare. Unable to move the mare could only make muffled cries and grunts, she then began to shake in fear upon entering the room where other mares were. With some help from his kin, the stuffed animals then began to put a feeding hose into the mare’s mouth and hung her in a smaller state of her kind, The talisman would take care of the waste.

Going to the door Poco began to close the door, however, the bear then turned to the audience. He then made a shushing gesture, then continued on by closing the door with a loud shut.


Now im curious what kind of magival torment the BMS mare may get if zipped mouth and rubber bones are just tye tips of the iceberg. Maybe something like her eyes turn into serpents which squeeze her stomach like a vice or her neck like a tight leash.


the wizard is a lazy guy he just rubber bones a BMS mare and he is done he is not an abuser just a guy who doesn’t want to deal with shit


this wizard is a mood


yes he is, well he has also be alive for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time

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For all we know thats why he made the bear golem. It even might have an extraplanar creature inside.

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I need me some of those poopie scoopie talismans. I’ll install them in my familiar’s litterbox.

Love the animated stuffed animals. That’s something one of my own characters would do.

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I love the concept of golems as they can be anything and in the case of the wizard stuff animals

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