Fluffy wizard (7svendye)

In an unimpressive trailer park in Florida, a beaten-up blue trailer with all kinds of tacky lawn ornaments and scattered beer cans was an absolute eye-sore for anyone who walked past it. Within the trailer was an absolute pigstye as beer cans littered the place along with trash from various forms of fast food joints. In the center of the trailer where a couch would be a pile of garbage was moving. Emerging from the trash a man wearing a dirty beaten-up hoody would wake up from his deep sleep. He is what many people often assume when living in a trailer park, typical white trash in his 20’s. The one thing that stood out though was his white hair. The man was still young and somehow his hair had gotten white his Neighbors often assumed it is stress from his job even though they had no idea what it was. Despite his diet of beer and fast food, the man was very skinny and lackey as many people often assumed he was a living string bean. Getting up from his trash sleep the man would go to his coffee maker and prepare a somewhat decent cup of joe.

“let’s see what is on the telly today”

It was the same old crap that he was used to seeing the stock trade going down, politicians fighting amongst each other, celebrities constantly being harassed by the press, and…huh, and Ape in California adopted some fluffy foals.

Tock Tock Tock

It is then he heard something knocking on his screen door, well if you can call it a knock since it sounded super weak. Opening the door the man is greeted to the sight of a fluffy herd messing around with his front yard ornaments and taking a shit everywhere. In front of him is a purple fluff and green mane fluffy who was staring at you with puffed-up cheeks, next to him is a gray fluffy with a black mane, and with them a bloated up mare with blue cotton candy colored fluff and pink mane.

'Dummy hoomen dis am smarty wand nao, herd wan skettis toysies, an…"

The man ignores the rant of the smarty and continues to watch as the rest of the herd wrecks his yard. Sighing the man realised he had to…DO stuff. Today was supposed to be a day of watching B-rated horror movies and getting flat-out drunk.

“DUMMY HOOMEN, wisten to smarty”

“Wisten dummy o toughie gib foreber sweepies”

“Uo wisten tu bestest smarty”

The man could only look at the poor attempt of a threat.

“Hey question, how long was it when your last smarty did this and he ended up getting killed”

The three could only be taken back by that comment and the purple smarty’s bravado may have taken a hit from that comment.

“uh…Dummy hoomen smarty am bestest smarty, yu do what smarty wan o smarty gib sowwy poopies”

“sorry poopies huh?”

The man did try to scare them away with his comment, but a smarty will always be a smarty.

“Wait here”

Closing the door the man goes to the back of his trailer, if anyone were to enter his him they would find that the backroom of is trailer was cleaner then that of the rest of his trailer. His bed was well made, there was a strange-looking chemical station with all kinds of boiling potions. Next to the station is all kinds of strange books that if a person of his status would no doubt question how he got them. Going to his closet the man then begins to search for something.

“pwase…gi…gib…smarty foreber sweepie…”

On the potion station in a glass jar was the severed head of a blue fluff smarty besides being a head in a jar the poor bastard was balled due to the loss of his mane. The man ignores his experiment and pulls out a very oriented staff that was that had many markings that would give a normal human a headache if they looked at it for too long.

“Later,…If I remember”

Going back to his front door the man sees that the fluffies have not moved from their spot after being told to stay. Seeing that the man was back the purple smarty once again put on his brave face and noticed the long stick that he was carrying.

“dummy hoomen smarty nu am scardy of sowwy stick”

“Oh you will be if you don’t leave my yard right now”

“Dummy hoomen smarty an herd nu weave, dummy hoomen weave”

“Well I tried, it wizard time mother fuckers”

Raising his staff the once clear skies become blacken from the fury of the man as his eyes began to glow. The fluffy herd looks at the man in wonder and fear as scary lights and clouds begin to cover the park. With his power, the man then begins to cast his spell.


Slamming his staff on the ground a bright light envelops the fluffy herd as they made loud skeeeee, Noise from all the scary stuff that the human was doing. When the light died down and the clouds cleared the fluffy herd saw that they were ok. The purple smarty smirked at the human for trying to scare them off “his” land.

'HMPF, dummy hoomen smart nu wike bwight wights smarty gib sowwy poopies"

Turning around the purple smarty would show the dummy human who was the boss.

“EHEHE, wha?”

The smarty realized something was wrong as he did not feel any poopies slid out of his poopie place. Which was weird since they remembered that he gave a squeaky Munster sowwy poopies not too long ago. Grunting and struggling the smarty tried again to give sowwy poopies to the dummy. After constant struggling the smarty turns to his toughie who was now a little scared after seeing his smarty struggling to make poopies.

“Toughie gib dummy hoomen sowwy poopies!!!”

“o…otay smarty”
Turnig around the toughie tried to give the human sorry poopies but like the smarty he could not get anything out and he grunted and struggle to poop.

“HMPF, bestest soon mama gib sowwy poopies”

Like the smarty, the bitch mare could not poop either and struggled so much that her face began to turn red.

“why bestest soon mama nu can gib sowwy poopies?”

“Because I took away your “poopie place” since you wanted to take my home”

The three look at the human in horror at what he told them. If they don’t have a poopie place they could not give sowwy poopies or make good poopies, how would they make poopies without their poopie place?

“Du…dummy hoomen gib back speicl fweind an smarty poopie pwase!!!”

“I’d be more concerned with the rest of your herd little guy”

Confused the smarty turnaround and saw that the rest of his herd was also struggling to poop realizing whatever it is the human did to him, his special friend, and his Toughie he did to the rest of the herd.

“why can nu make poopies”

“hewo good poopies”

“Babbhie nee mak poopies”

It finally dawned on the smarty that the human was the reason that they couldn’t make any poopies and this scared him to his bones it take away their ability to make good poopies what else could he do.

“Gi…gib back poopie pwase dummy hoomen…Pwease?”

“No, I don’t think I will but I could maybe give you back your poopy place if you give me your special friend”


Both the Smarty And His cotton candy special friend asked the same question they would get back their poopy place if the Smarties special friend went with the human?

“Nu pwetty mare am smarty special fweind hab smarty tummy babbhies”

“well ni poopie place then”

The smarty realized that his stomach was beginning to Hurt No Doubt with the poopies still in his tummy realizing that he would have to sacrifice his babies and special friend or never being able to get sorry poopies or make good poopies again the smarty made his decision and push to special friend to the human.

“wha special smarty fweind dowing?”

“Pwease nic mister gib back poopie pwase can had dummy mare and tummy babbhies”

“NU!!! pwease smarty nu wan go wid Munster hoomen”

The man then grabs the scruff of the mares and begins to take her inside. Before he could get in though the smarty stops him.

“wha about smarty poopi pwase?”

“I said maybe”


“I said maybe but considering how you gave up your special friend real quick I don’t think will now leave”

“Dummy hoomen twick smarty gib back special fwiend”

“I guess id did now leave my yard before I take something else and you never know what I might take I might take your nummy place or I might take away your good feels place”

Smarty begins to shake out of fear along with the rest of the herd who heard what the human had done to them realizing that they had no way of fighting back against the monster he took away their poopy place and took one of their own they did the only thing a fluffy could do in this situation like this runaway.


“Nu take nono’s!!!”

“Nu tak babbhies!!!”




Seeing the fluffy hurt run away from his home the lazy wizard shut the door of his trailer and began to think of a way of what to do with the soon mama and her unborn babies.

2 weeks later

The Fluffy’s on baited the Wizard’s yard had begun to enter their literal hell as without their poopy place many of the fluffies began to suffer the effects of septic shock and bloating up with so much poopies that they could not release their bodies began to deteriorate with the amount a voice within their bodies but with no way to expel it.

“Tummy hab hurties, nee mak poopies…”

“Nu fee pwetty…”

“Mama why poopie pwase nu work…”

Every fluffy within the purple Smarties heard was so bloated and in pain that it often hurt to walk just trying to Simply get to a place and not only that due to the amount of poop that was bloating up their bodies they began to also suffer the effects of starvation as due to the amount of poop that was blocking their bodies they were unable to get daily nutrients as not only were they suffering the effects of septic shocked but they were slowly succumbing to hunger.

“Specail fweind…”

The purple smarty who won controlled his herd using fear and intimidation was now a pitiful mess as his poopies began to come out of his mouth as they have no way of leaving his body but that was not what made the smarty suffer what truly made the smarty suffer was the fact that he gave up his special friend and his unborn children and realizing that he was an awful smarty as he wished that he never visited the Wizards home as he would still have a special friend and his poopy place but now he is simply in pain wanting things to go back to the way they were.

“mama…wan mama…wan milkies…wan mak good poopie…”

It would take another week of torture and pain for the entire herd to die from the effects of septic shock.

The moral of the story is never fuck with Wizards you never know what they might do.


Will we get a spinoff on ehat happened to the pregnant mare and her foals?
Also if i was the lazy wizard I’d cast Testicular Torsion or Instant Brazil Wax or Jelly Bones or an alltime classic Manual Breathing. Also I’m surprised the herd didn’t literally tear eachother a new one out of desperation


in time





Hold on, need my focus, you don’t want to use the material components for this one…

Ah, here. Magneticus anus buccam!

There. Enjoy being a centipede and gtfo of my apartment building, preferably down the stairs in a long spiral because hilarious.

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it’s a trailer park

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That guy does. This wizard lives in an apartment. (It’s the nearest affordable thing to a tower.)

you win this one

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