Fluffy wranglers! (Mister_K)

Fluffy Wranglers are groups of people employed
by the city of Southport. A maritime city that up until the formation of the wranglers, had huge numbers of feral fluffy ponies crowding public areas. They destroyed local parks, private properties and overall, greatly lowered property value with their waste and constant foraging.

The Wranglers were founded by William McCready. It initially started with only him and a few associates taking it upon themselves to reduce the number of ferals by any means necessary. MacCready was a skilled hunter and trapper and fluffies are notoriously stupid, so it wasnt hard to capture large groups of ferals at once.
Noticing the difference MacCready was making with just a few men. Local real estate moguls and other business owners stepped up and began compensating MacCready for his efforts. Rather than pocketing the money, he reinvested it and opened multiple wrangler stations both within and outside of Southport. Becoming a key figure in keeping the number of feral fluffy ponies low.

Is it profitable?:
Yes. In addition to being funded by investors, wranglers can be hired by locals if they can’t deal with invading feral herds themselves for a fair price.

What’s the work?:
When not involved with a local client, wranglers patrol the streets and alleys and watch for any loose ferals. Methods of capture include trapping to simply chasing down and grabbing any ferals. Captured fluffies are put inside plexiglass boxes and are sent away to either be sold to pet stores or euthanized.

How’s the pay?:
The pay is a minimum of $15.35 per hour for an 8 hour shift. With an additional bonus of 50 cents per fluffy captured alive, including foals. Plus, you get a free jacket and hat upon being hired.

Does any of this interest you? If so, stop by your local wrangler station today and sign up!


aww the mummah in the bottom box is so cute!

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She gon get da gas


I volunteer to euthanize them, in a shed with a hammer. It saves the tax payers money and keeps expenses down. I’ll even bring my own hammer.

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Yer hired!

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