Fluffy's first work call (Bestestbabeh)

Hi everyone, I’ve been a lurker on the community for a while but I figured it was time I try and contribute a bit. I appreciate any pointers and criticism. I mentioned this idea in a comment somewhere and want to try and expand on it.
If my writting is too similar to someone’s or this story has been told before do let me know, I’ve read tons on this site and I’m not really a writer so I don’t have my own style, I might also draw inspiration from other works unintentionally.

Your name is Spearmint Spicatta De la Rosa, mummah calls you Minty, you’re a pegasus filly with mint green fluff and a pastel purple mane.

You’re a good house fluffy, you make good poopies, say please and thank you, always listen to mummah and never demand sketties, even though it’s been MANY FOREVERS since you had them (sunday is sketty day, today is tuesday)

Mumma is the bestest mumma ever, some fluffies you met at the fluffy-park told you their mummas and daddys leave them alone every bright time for “work” and sometimes they’re too sleepy for playtime when they return, but your mumma is with you almost every bright time, sometimes she sits in front of her special teebee and plays with a clicky toy for a long time. Sometimes she even has talkies with the teebee, just like you sing along to FluffyTV. She says this is her “work” and won’t let you play with her teebee, she’s still the bestest mumma.

This bright time starts like any other, you stir in your warm bed in your safe room, mumma is right at the door as you open your see-places.

-Good morning Minty!

Gud mownin mumma!

-Are you ready for breakfast?

Yus! Min-tee want nummies!

-Alright, make good poopies and follow me to the kitchen

You step off your warm bed and stretch your little body to shake off the sleepy feels, making a big show of flapping your tiny wings. After making good poopies and peepees in your litterbox, you trot over to your water fountan you take a few sips, the wawa is always flowing and fresh but it’s so little that is not scary.

After making it to the kitchen, mumma gives you upsies and sits you next to her for breakfast, she has cereal and you get a bowl of oats, baby carrots and some berries that are yummy. Mumma will sometimes give you some of her tiny-donnut cereal when she catches you staring at it.
When mumma first brought you home from the shelter she used to feed you kibble and keep you in your safe room all day, but since you were such a good fluffy and almost a big mare, she now lets you have free roam of the tiny appartment that is your home.

“Alright Minty, mommy has to work now, be a good girl and go play in your safe room, maybe we can take a little walk in the park by lunch if I’m making good time”

Walkies? yay! Min-tee wuv walkies!

With that you step into the safe room and start stacking blockies, with breaks to snuggle your stuffy friend.

Your name is Mara, you work from home for a tech company, it’s a blessing really, given your complete lack of social skills. Still, it gets lonely and there’s only so much tiktok, texting and fighting in comment sections that you can take before you need to have an actual conversation.
That’s why you got Spearmint Spicatta De la Rosa, at least that’s the filly’s name on paper, you decided to call her Minty after she almost had a stroke trying to say her name. You had heard so many horror stories about ferals and smarties but you wanted something that could could keep you company and sorta chat with. Minty turned out pretty great, she listens to you, always has something positive to say, never judges, never interrupts and constantly calls you the “bestest”

Today is been a slow day at work, you closed a couple tickets and got radio silence from your boss afterwards. Your home office is a bit stuffy now that you’re not so busy and you decide to take your laptop over to the living room and maybe watch some trash TV to kill the time until lunch.
That’s when your cellphone rings, it’s mom, she knows you’re working at this hour so it might be an emergency, of course this piece of shit building has terrible reception, maybe it’s the led paint on the walls. You step out on the fire escape to answer the phone.

Bwokies am so hi! you think as you’ve somehow managed to stack 3 blocks all the way up, you must tell mumma,
she will be so proud!
Walking out of the safe room you go into mumma’s “work” room but you can’t find her anywhere, what if something happened to mumma? what if a monster got her?

Going out and into the living room something catches your attention, it’s mumma’s special teebee! but it’s not up high as it often is, this time it is resting on the sofa.
Maybe, just maybe, you could watch cartoons on mumma’s teebee, or try to play the clicky game mumma is always playing. Just a little bit, because you’re on a mission to find mumma and show her your bestest biggest bwokie tower.

Using the special fluffy steps that mumma got you, you made it to the sofa and start inspecting mumma’s special teebee, right now it’s not showing any cartoons. You remember mumma talking to it.

Hewo teebee, can pwease show Min-tee cawtoons?

There’s no aswer.

Huu, huu, wai teebee no wan pway with Min-tee? am gud fwuffy

No answer

Huu huu huu

And then it happens, a ringing sound comes from the teebee!
It must want to play with Minty!
Exitedly you give little stompies to the squiggles on the special teebee’s tummy, this game is so fun!

Suddenly, a man appears on the teebee screen, he’s old and the fluff on his head seems to have gone away

“Sanchez, we need to have an urgent word regarding yo-”

Nyu fwen?

The man looks up and sees a green hairy thing staring right below him.

“Sanchez! Where are you? Why is this fluffy on your work station?”

Fwuffy namesies am Min-tee, Min-tee am gud fwuffy, wan pway?

“No, I don’t want to play, where is your owner?”

Mumma? Min-tee nu no

“Fucking bitch, leaving an animal to anwer her calls like a fucking joke” The man brings a palm to his forehead

Bad wowds! nu caw mumma meany namesies!

“Shut up you stupid vermin, go and tell your lazy bitch of a mommy to come and do her job or she’s fired!”

Nu! meany mista nu caw mumma bad wowdsies!

“Listen here you little piece of runny shit, go and grab that whore you call a mother right this instant!”

You’ve always been a good fluffy, mumma always said so. Ever since your mumma got you home from the shelter you never made bad poopies, you never shouted at mumma or demanded anything. You always do what mumma says.
Mumma is the bestest mumma.
This human on the teebee, he’s not good like mumma, he’s a meanie and is saying bad words about your mumma. Your tiny body is trembling, you want to cry, want to hide your see places behind your hooves. But you have to be brave for mumma, you need to scare the monsters away, there’s a rumbling in your tummy that you don’t remember ever feeling before. You turn around.


You hang the call and sigh, your mother should know better than to call during work hours to gossip and try to set you up with another or her church friend’s sons.
As soon as you walk into the apartment it hits you, a smell like the litterbox when you forget to empty it in a couple of days.

You cleaned it last night, you’re in the living room/kitchen/dinning room area, not Minty’s glorified closet.
Your boss is screaming obscenities.
There’s shit all over your laptop.
Minty’s presenting her puckering asshole to it.

This ain’t going to be a walk in the park kinda day.


tagged as smart-fluffy
A complete fucking idiot that got her mummah fired

Par for the course, really.


Yeah, I might have added the tags before I started writing.


Mara should’ve locked her fluffy so it doesn’t shit on her stuff. Then again her shitty boss needs to be shot.


This is actually a really great entry. If you do write more I would love to read it.

I’m directing this response at everyone: Don’t feel compelled to make content out of guilt just because you are consuming it. Just interacting with the community in general is good for any member that doesn’t feel creative.

I see you specifically liking and commenting on tons of posts.

I wouldn’t worry about this at all.


that damn shitrat got her owner fired, the truth is that she deserves to be fired because why did she bring this shitrat to work in the first place?, but I would be very angry if that shitrat doesn’t receive a punishment worthy of the magnitude, I mean she lost her job for literally shit work team

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Can bosses really insult employees for no reason? I feel like this is something that can be dragged to a lawsuit or something idk.

I mean, who wouldn’t get a bit miffed when a fluffy answers an important work call.
At most the boss would get a talking to, from the people he employs…

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Irl his language, if the call was recorded, would violate multiple federal labor laws on discrimination and harassment and she could sue him into poverty. Plenty of employers do this anyway thinking they wont get punished.