fluffys of the 41st millennium PT 1- Sunflowerofwar.

(Authors note: enjoy, this is a tale, or rather, codex, of fluffys in the grim dark future)

humans speak.
fluffy speak.

the beginning: in the grim dark future of the 41st millennium, there is only war, peace is ill found, as worlds across the imperium of man fight one war or another, whether it be the ork infested hell that is Armageddon, the realm of Ultramar, fighting the nascent tau empire and the hungering tyranids, or the countless numbers of guardsmen, fighting on worlds far from their home planets, humanity survives, if only barely, as perfidious Xenos and the plots of chaos seek the imperium’s destruction and mankind’s doom.

yet in the vast realm of the imperium, one creature lives with humanity and beyond, if mostly to the annoyance of the sprawling masses of humanity, they are called Fluffys, a bio toy from a long-gone age, that by all rights, should not be able to exist in such a time.

origins: fluffys as far as tech-priest and inquisitors know, have origins all the way back to the age of terra, before mankind took to the stars.

what few records survive from such an age, tell of fluffys being created by a long-gone company called Hasbro, the organization sought to create a living, breathing toy, meant for the entertainment of humans, particularly children, but a terrorist group that the records call Peta.

it is speculated to be an old Terran cult that worshipped a rabbit god, said God demanded large sacrifices of other animals, particularly those of canids and felines, the cult today no longer exists, though some inquisitors believe a spiritual successor exist out there, that have taken to worshipping fluffys in place of their rabbit god.

the cult attacked the facility that housed the fluffys, and set them loose upon holy terra, like in today’s age, they spread like an unending tide of vermin, high pitched, squeaking vermin that made voices like those of toddlers, but without any of the things that made toddlers loveable.

fluffys spread in numbers beyond count, by all accounts they should’ve died off, as records indicated they needed human care to survive and thrive.

however, given their continued existence on countless worlds, living on worlds that are even more dangerous than terra, clearly needing humans was false.

fluffys could breed faster than rabbits and chickens combined, combined with a short (if, one filled with peril) childhood, and their ability to eat almost anything, fluffys spread throughout terra, and as humanity took to the stars, fluffys followed, they went anywhere humans went.

the only known worlds in the imperium that can be safely claimed to be fluffy free, is the death worlds of Catachan and Krieg, harsh ice worlds like Fenris, or the desert world of Tallaran.

how fluffys live in the imperium: on world a world by basis, fluffys live a life of suffering, pain and death, used as food by the sprawling masses, devoured by animals, or killed for sport/entertainment or simple extermination, the only chance a fluffy might live in peace and fulfil their kinds intended roll as a companion is if their an alicorn, or they are takin by a noble looking for a pet that can talk or for his/her offspring.

on hive worlds it varies between levels of the sprawling hives, in the lower hives, where workers and their families live, toil, and pray, fluffys serve as a sweet and meaty, if poor in nutrients, meal for a worker and his/her family.

there is no law that is against the hunting of fluffys or their consumption, in fact, its encouraged by arbiters and the overseers of manufactorums as keeps their numbers manageable.

bands of workers, form hunting squads, armed only with simple Stubbers and an assortment of melee weapons, both for killing fluffys and to deter the odd under hive ganger who comes up top, they work slowly and methodically, pretending to be nice humans who are looking for a pet, taking advantage of the ingrained fluffy code, which is to seek affection and love from a human.

third person Pov:
Dave hauled the bag over his shoulder, in the bag contained at least 70 adult fluffys, and an uncountable number of foals, each one dead, some begging for death, or chirping in distress, it was a retinue hunt for the vermin, damn tasty vermin, but vermin none the less, they bothered any human they saw, they devoured and spread trash, and if a herd survives long enough, clogged pipes, jammed factory gears and works, and an angry tech-priest, which is something nobody wants to deal with, “OI, FOUND SOME MORE OVER HERE!” one his friends called out, Dave smirked when he heard the distressed cries of fluffys and the sound of gun shots, a day to hunt indeed."

end third person Pov.

on the matter of abuse:
officially speaking, abuse is not illegal within the imperium, but known abusers are carefully monitored by agents of the inquisition, as more than a few abusers have been found to be chaos cultist, dedicated to the blood god or the dark prince, so most common folk and guardsmen refrain from the act, less they draw gaze the inquisition.

on matters of faith:

“fluffys are proof that mankind should not play god” -ancient Terran saying (debates if this quote is heretical or not, is beyond fierce between priests of the god emperor and those of the inquisition, and more than one discussion has ended in bloodshed over the matter).

fluffys, for the most part, have remained unchanged from their ancestors when they were let free and into the wild, but though the dark age of technology, the men of iron rebellion, the age of strife, the great crusade and beyond, fluffy psychology and brain patterns have changed in some ways from their ancestors, with the rise of fluffys, with prayers to the emperor/omnissiah, becoming part of daily life for most humans in the galaxy, the worship of the emperor has spread to fluffys in some degree, they try to enter churches of the emperor to pray to him, most priest scorn such creatures, however, and many a herd has been slaughtered.

but still they pray, fluffys have been documented call the emperor “emprah-daddeh”, making small “shrines” to him, though to call them shrines would be insulting to proper shrines.

these shrines are usually made from whatever fluffys can get their hooves on, most often it is garbage and pieces of their fluff, shaped into a crude image of the Aquilla, on planets that aren’t hive or forge worlds, they use twigs, rocks and plant life to make such shrines, some priest with a soft spot for the creatures will may take one as a pet, but such cases are almost always alicorns, due the alicorns increased intelligence (matching that of the average Ogryn), and given small, priestly garments that decorate them.

while fluffys still hate/fear alicorns, it has eroded somewhat, as fluffys recognize priest, and sense alicorns are ever seen in such garments, fluffys forget their fear and hate, and take to listening to the Alicorn in question, only smarty’s resists this, and many out of jealousy try to kill such alicorns, but rarely succeed, baring the alicorns increase intellect, meaning they commonly outsmart such smarty’s.

their former herd also turns on them and kills him for his heresy for attacking one of emperah-daddehs priest.

some more cunning smarties try to emulate the priest garments worn by alicorns owned by proper priest, decorating themselves with all manner of things in their best (and often failed) attempts to match the splendor of alicorn priest, of course, fluffys being stupid creatures, can’t make the difference from a fake and a real one, least till they meet an actual one that is.

among the mechanium: the secretive followers of the omnissiah are known for their distrainment of fluffys, but also see their usefulness for some scenarios, on forge worlds, where everything and everyone, is doing something in the machine god’s name, fluffys are used to feed the masses of menials the work the manufactorums, fluffy poop is gathered and distributed to local Agri-worlds, the mechanium has dedicated blocks that house millions to billions of fluffys for the forge worlds use, life in these dark places are one the cruelist living conditions a fluffy can face, that make ancient Terran fluffy mills seem tame and hospitable in comparison.

their foals are taken the moment their born, milk bags are given extensive treatment to increase they’re longevity, smarty’s and disobedient fluffys are killed in horrific fashion in front of countless others, sleep is rare and the servitors and their masters care not for the despair of the fluffys in their charge, foals and dead fluffys not immediately grinded into paste to feed the masses, are fed to the fluffys, life is in constant motion for fluffys as servitors and adepts keep them in check.

only alicorns are permitted special care and while the rest suffer, they enjoy a lavish life yet not spoiled life, while the mechancius cares little for money (thrones), they do sell them to nobles and priest, and in some cases use them as diplomatic gifts, alicorns who aren’t sold are bred with each other in ensure a constant supply of alicorns are around.

{end file, have a nice day}

(authors note: ill continue this in part 2, which will go over xenos, chaos, and factions within the imperium, such as the guards, and space marines.)



Even in the grimdark future, fluffies are a pest.


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