Foal Doodles ( Gal-With-Pastels)

Just some more doodles/ Sketches involving foals. Wanted to try and Draw some foals, working on Fat foals , Starved foals and Newborn foals.


That fat one looks very kickable.



They are very much adorable.

Love them
Especially the tiny one in the top far right.

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Suffer you fat piece of shit

'em small wingies aren’t good nuff for a nice curve effect mid-flight, sadly enough. :laughing:

Nice, nicely done,keep it up :+1:

These doddles are good designs

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thank you, i tried my best

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I just want to hug to starving Alicorn! Then adopt it and take it home to be fed and loved.

I’d like to see the fatty get eaten by the others.