Foal Gacha Results Part 1 (Fluffernuttersandwich)

#1. Now owned by @Le_Saturna
#2. Now owned by @TheShade
#3. Now owned by @WhatAmIDoing
#4. Now owned by @Brayatansempai


Congratulations guys ^-^

4 probabIy gonna be a breeder with that Hentai MC hair.

Don’t give me ideas… it may end as a exotic dancer


A fluffy scared of spaghetti, and NOT because of some fucked up conditioning? Or is it?

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Pink is just so adorable!! I’m excited to see what mine will be like.

~me: didn’t notice the F gender~

“I stand by my originaI statement.”


They’re all so cute!

Oh what a cutie! thanks so much

Oh man I love your style so much these are setting off my cute agression I just wanna squish those little faces and give them hugs!